Do Your Bit For Environment- Use Bio-degradable Tableware!

My primary concern as a mother is the health of my child. I look into all the matters pertaining to her health and basic hygiene like her food habits, regular lifestyle and exercise as part of her daily routine. However till recently I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that she eats her food in plastic dishes and bowls because those always attracted her.
One day, she was taught in school about the hazards of excessive use of plastic and she insisted on minimalistic usage of plastic products. Sometimes children have a lot to teach us. I realised that I use plastic and polymer disposable tableware while entertaining guests and while travelling only because it is more convenient. If I could have an alternative then I will surely use it in order to do my bit for protection of environment. Co-incidentlly I got an opportunity to review Green fare Tableware. It intrigued me and I immediately agreed to do the review as I wanted to use the products.

About Greenfare :
Greenfare Eco-Friendly Solutions Pvt. Ltd; presents a range of versatile, attractive and completely biodegradable food serving utensils, which are easily compostable without adding physical waste and pollution.

About the products:
Ecofriendly disposable Areca leaf tableware are made with naturally fallen leaves of Areca palm tree. Hence no trees are harmed to manufacture the products. The naturally fallen leaves are collected & cleaned with fresh water before manufacturing the plates. There are no chemicals used in any of the process. These products are 100% Natural & Biodegradable. The colours & texture of areca leaves are natural. 

Salient features of the product:
These natural tableware have many more notable features, such as:

  • Leak proof
  • Light weight
  • Strong & Sturdy
  • Microwavable
  • Freezer safe
  • Chemical free
  • Oven safe


Products Range:

  • Round plate in varied sizes (12, 10, 6 inches)
  • Round bowl (4.5 inches)
  • Square plate (10 inches)
  • Square bowl (5 inches)
  • Soup spoon
  • Soon
  • Food container (250gm box)

Comparison with other products:
Most importantly Greenfare tableware is natural, bio-degradable and compostable. It is oven safe, freezer safe and microwave safe whereas other disposable products are not. I used the utensils in microwave and it did’nt lose its shape and remained sturdy too. Even when put in freezer it retains its natural form. Though they are priced a bit more than other disposable tableware, the difference is negligible since it’s use doesn’t hamper the environment.
My opinion:
These products are perfect alternative to plastics / polymer based products and I would recommend it to everyone.

To know more about the products visit

Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored post all opinions are of my own. This review is part of the IPTA blogger activity.


31 thoughts on “Do Your Bit For Environment- Use Bio-degradable Tableware!”

  1. I have seen this tableware at a lot of parties these days. It is need of the hour also to go eco friendly. I have stopped using plastic completely.

  2. I have recently heard about this kind of tableware and it’s truly attractive. The best part is along with being environment friendly they look great too

  3. I heard about them sometime back. Such an enormous step to go eco-friendly. Product is bio-degradable and can be used however one wants. I had no idea it’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing. I need to read more about it.

  4. This is such a great option. And to be honest, I love the way they look too. I hadn’t even heard about greenfare before but I’m definitely checking the site out now. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  5. It’s such a nice and safe option for the plastic plates that we get in the market these days. I recently tried these for my daughters birthday and even the guests were quite elated with these plates. Loved the posts.

  6. These table ware looks great especially when there is puja etc and you need it in bulk sounds great. The idea behind it making is eco freindly is awsome. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

  7. I have used bio-degradable bamboo tableware at a party once. It was really sturdy as compared to paper plates. But I am really amazed that the one you have written about it microwaveable too. I will be using these next time.

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