Kids Never Cease To Amaze Me!

The 21st-century kids Amaze Me. Today is a proud and a happy moment for me, as the founder of this blog but more importantly as a mother. A few days back one of my dearest online friend ;(yes, I haven’t met her yet), but some relations are beyond meeting someone in person and Anupama Dalmia …

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Stories On Honesty By A 8 Year Old

My 8 year old daughter debuts today on the blog. Her school is closed for the Ganpati holidays and she chose to use this time wisely. I am glad she didnt choose to spend the time watching T.V as that is what she loves a lot but she wrote stories. It gives me immense pleasure …

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What Freedom Means To Me – A child’s perspective .

This 15th August we will be celebrating 70 years of India’s Independence. But still there are many children in our country who do not have the freedom to eat whatever they wish to, study and play whenever they wish to like me. They are not privileged like us to have the comfort of a loving environment and learning opportunities that we get in our school.

Why My Daughter’s Grades Don’t Matter

Why my daughter’s grades don’t matter Author’s Note: This post was originally published on motheropedia as a guest blog. Grades & Results It is the season of results. I have been reading in the newspapers and hearing from people around me discussing children scoring high marks in board exams for a few years. There is also …

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