Do You Believe In Miracles?

Do I believe in miracles? Of course, I do. There have been times in my life when I wanted something very badly, and out of the blue when I least expected have received it. Isn’t that a miracle! I feel grateful to have always been showered with such miracles. But as one says that childhood …

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In A Long Unceasing Quest Of Life!

In the hallway, she saw a long corridor with several doors leading off it. Everything in the hall was covered in dust, as though no one had touched it for a hundred years. Alice was wondering if her journey covering hundreds of miles and fighting countless emotions will be fruitful. Will she find what she …

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Love In A Marriage.

Today Roma and Rohan had completed 20 years of their marriage. It was a day of great significance in her life as it concerned her future. She had taken a vital decision. But she was wondering how will she convey it to Rohan? Her thoughts wandered back to her 10th wedding anniversary. It was a …

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Love At Mercy Of A Cheeseburger!

I am Ria, a successful Human Resource head at a multinational company. I have the monies and the power to make or break someone’s career. I am also very popular among all the employees in the company. I owe all to my dad. He is my idol and he has made me what I am …

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