How To Keep Cool When Your Child Is Away On First Over-Night School Trip!

The children were obviously excited and the moms… Yes, you guessed it right – extremely ‘anxious’.  My what’s app was flooded with numerous messages. As I saw over 200 messages on my daughter’s school what’s app group I guessed it was mom’s sharing their apprehensions and worries. It happens, its natural. We are moms, we will worry about our child’s well- being.

What Freedom Means To Me – A child’s perspective .

This 15th August we will be celebrating 70 years of India’s Independence. But still there are many children in our country who do not have the freedom to eat whatever they wish to, study and play whenever they wish to like me. They are not privileged like us to have the comfort of a loving environment and learning opportunities that we get in our school.

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