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5 Tips for Maintaining Proper Skin Care Routine

Do you take care of your skin? If you do that’s wonderful but how do you know that you are giving the proper care to your skin that is required to maintain a healthy glow and skin elasticity in check. Don’t worry you will get to know if there is something missing in your skincare regime and if you don’t follow any of these amazing tips for maintaining a proper skincare routine will help you to do so.

Building a skincare routine seems to be simple, and it really is, all you need to do is to be consistent with it. If you follow a skincare routine 3-4 times a week and other days you just neglect it then you won’t be able to get the miraculous results it delivers to your skin.

I hate the fallacious statement many beauties believe in and that keeps them to get the skin they desire to have,”Are you guessing?” What the misconception could be is being an obstacle in the way of getting gorgeous skin. It’s okay if you don’t know, I’m here to tell you. “Healthy and Glowing Skin is only Innate” this phrase and others with the same context are the cause that makes most beauties feel less beautiful and inferior.

We can’t really deny the fact that some people are blessed with gorgeous skin without doing anything, but if they don’t take care of their skin properly the magnificent gorgeousness of their skin starts to decay. On the other hand, if someone’s skin is not healthy and if they follow proper skincare routine step by step each day, they can accomplish the perfect healthy skin that looks alluring.

Before we talk about how you can maintain a proper routine for natural skincare, Won’t you follow them religiously if you know the astounding daily skincare routine Benefits? Yes, so let me give you a strong why.

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Incredible Benefits of Skin Care Routine


Every skincare tip and routine we follow gives stunning benefits to our skin. That’s the reason you are here. Because you also know the importance of skincare regimes, tips, and routines for our skin health. Let’s walk through what these remarkable routines for healthy skin can do.


  • Slow down signs of ageing
  • Reduce blemishes and dark spots
  • Lighten & Brighten the skin
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Removes suntan and reduce sun damage
  • Keep skin nourished & moisturised
  • Improves skin collagen
  • Makes skin glowing
  • Keep pimples, acne, blackheads, and other skin problems at bay


So, aren’t you feeling ecstatic after getting to know how amazing your skin will be if you follow the proper regimes and tips to give the best care to your skin? I know you can’t stop bouncing over the wall. But it’s time to walk through the marvelous routine for taking care of your skin that makes all the difference.


5 Effective Tips for Maintaining Proper Skin Care Routine


1.   Follow the Basic Skin Care Rule


Do what skincare rule I’m talking about that is a must-follow rule for everyone regardless of their skin type and problems. If you don’t always remember the thumb rule of skincare that contains 3 basic things: Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Toning that needs to be done twice a day.


This 3 step process is the single effective way that does 50% of work itself. But before you follow the process let me tell you the right skincare products according to your skin type.


Oily Skin: Only skin gets acne and breakouts more often to combat these skin problems. You should clean your face with a deep cleaning face wash that contains Salicylic acid, always use a moisturizer that is oil-free and water-based, toner should be non-moisturizing and non-alcoholic.


Dry Skin: Beauties with dry skin should use a deep nourishing and moisturizing face wash, moisturizer, and toner.


Normal to combination skin: If your skin is neither dry nor oily. You should use a foaming face wash, good moisturizer, and non-alcohol-based toner.


Sensitive Skin: Does your skin easily get skin allergies and redness. If it does. Then your cleaners, moisturizer, and toner should be dermatologist tested.

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     2. Exfoliate Your Skin Twice a Week


A good scrub helps to remove dry skin cells and bring the renewed glowing skin to the upper layer that makes you look charismatic. Scrubbing also helps in regulating the blood flow in the skin that helps in removing blemishes and scars on the skin. But before you choose a scrub for your skin, don’t forget to keep your skin type in your mind.


Oily Skin: Coffee and Charcoal scrub is considered to be helpful in skin rejuvenation and it also keeps your skin from being excessively oily.


Dry Skin: You can use exfoliators that contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) or any scrub that has good skin moisturising properties.


Normal to Combination Skin: Beauties with normal skin can use any scrub that is gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin.


Sensitive Skin: If your skin is sensitive, it would be best if you use drugstore scrub that contains glycolic acid.

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      3. Use Face Mask Once A Week

Face mask does the remaining work that cleaning and scrubbing left. It goes deep into the skin and rejuvenates and revitalises skin cells as well as it cleanses the skin deeply. So let me tell you what face mask would be best for you.


Oily Skin: Skin that produces excessive oil needs a face mask that absorbs extra oil from the skin. Using multani mitti and kaolin clay for skin as a face mask would work best for you.


Dry Skin: Moisturising sheet masks are great at providing an abundance of moisturization to the skin. Apart from this, you can also use honey and lemon homemade face masks to get glowing skin.


Normal to Combination: Face masks that contain hydration and moisturization that are adequate to maintain skin health are best for you as well as you can also use Multani mitti as a face mask and you will get staggering results if you will learn how to use multani mitti on face.


Sensitive Skin: Face masks are equally important for sensitive skin as it is for other skin types. But sensitive skin beauties need to use a moisturizing non-allergic face mask that is dermatologist tested.

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4.Keep Yourself Hydrated


Doesn’t matter what your skin type, it needs to be hydrated to be glowing and healthy. Consuming a fruit detox drink or lemon drink first thing in the morning can bring significant improvement in your skin health. You will notice a dramatic reduction in acne, blemishes, and signs of aging in a few weeks.

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5. Infuse Yourself With Healthy Nutrients

Just like our bodies can’t work at their best without the nutrients it needs to be healthy and strong so our skin cannot. The food you eat indeed determines your skin health. So don’t shy away from adding fruits and vegetables that contain vital antioxidants like vitamin A, B, C, E, and healthy fats like omega-3 in your diet.

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In this article, I have shared 5 easy and effective tips for maintaining a proper skincare routine. I hope you liked them and enjoyed reading our article. And will use these awesome tips to get beautiful glowing skin.


Author’s Bio: Shreya holds a master’s degree in commerce and firmly believes in communicating effectively with personal touch through her deep passion for writing on skincare, beauty, and health. In her free time, she keeps herself busy with her love of reading about nutrition and beauty updates that help to grow her specialization and blending her passion in her informative articles.

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  1. Nice article especially I like the face mask tip to maintaining the skincare routine. I want to add one more point i.e. you should add a good quality cleanser and use SPF 30 sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

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