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Book Review – Finding Your Writing Flow

‘Finding your writing flow’ is the only non-fiction book I read during the Blogchatter E-book Carnival in the month of May. My reason for choosing this particular ebook was its title. I have now been blogging for the past 4 years but there are times that I doubt myself and my writing. I doubt if my words will resonate with my readers. I doubt if I am writing consistently enough and generating meaningful content for my readers. Thus, I downloaded Sona Grover’s ‘Finding your writing flow’ to gain some more insight into the world of writing.

Here is my review.

About The Author:

Sona is an author and blogger, enthusiastic about books, travel and nature. She loves to experiment with different cuisines. She is fascinated by various folk forms and the stories shaped by different cultures. Her first published Book: Through the Mist

About the Book:

‘Finding your writing flow’ is simple in language yet profound. This book provides valuable insights into writing. It offers important tips starting from the reasons to write, to help to find inspiration, staying productive, getting better at your craft and renewing yourself as a writer.

What I Liked:

This book puts into perspective various aspects of writing and about what goes on in a writer’s mind. I liked that the author uses simplistic language. This book is ideal for new writers who want to showcase their craft to the world but experience self-doubt. It is a wonderful resource for tips on writing.

I found the book relatable as a writer. The author rightly talks about the hopes, aspirations, challenges that a writer undergoes through their journey.

An excerpt from the book- ‘Writers are writers, because they write. Even when no one reads them’. Which rightly suggests that reading this book will give a lot of hope to newbies as it re-affirms belief in oneself and also provides confidence to keep going.

In the chapter ‘Keep the inspiration strong’ the author provides a novel tip of reshaping our muse into other forms when we lack the inspiration to write. She mentions that we can try another form of expression if we are not sure of how to write. Our thoughts can be sketched or painted or changed into verse. She suggests using any form that works to provide better clarity of thought. I found this tip very interesting.

The book is very well structured and is a suitable guide for new writers and bloggers.

I would recommend this book which can be downloaded from the link below:

Finding Your Writing Flow

Author’s Note: This book review is my seventh entry for Bar-A-Thon on BlogARhythm for my theme ‘Marathon of Ebook Reviews’.





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