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Book Review- Golden Rainbow

A Book Review- Golden Rainbow- Collection of Short Stories

About the Author:

Balaka Basu is an Instructional Designer and Blogger. She runs two successful blogs Trina looks back ( and Wanderful ( She also regularly contributes at Momspresso, Women’s Web, Bonobology, BuzzingBubs and Babychakra. Many of her blog posts have earned awards in past few years. She gave up her corporate career with Deloitte to pursue her passion for writing.

Balaka did her M. Phil in Women’s Studies from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She also has masters in Comparative Literature and Mass Communication. She lives in Mumbai with her son and husband. When she is not juggling with her role as an author, blogger, wife or mother she writes book reviews.

About the Book:

Golden Rainbow is a collection of memoirs which are short stories of 26 real-life people whom the author met at different points in her life.  Like a rainbow, each story has a different colour and as most of the stories are memoirs they are part of the ‘golden’ past and that is why she called the book “Golden Rainbow”.

What I Liked:

My foremost reason to like “Golden Rainbow” is that Balaka chose to write the stories of real-life people some of whom are her family members, some neighbours and some of them are random strangers. All of us come across people in our daily life, but how many of us actually think about their life. I think Balaka does. That is what makes this book an excellent read. When I read these stories, I felt like a window to their lives have been opened up for the readers. I could identify with most of the characters because we meet such people in our lives. We might just consider them ordinary people and move on, but every person has a story to tell, there is something to learn from the life of every person and that is what Balaka has portrayed so beautifully in her book.

The lives of most ordinary people have had an extraordinary impact on me because of Balaka’s style of narration, choice of words, expressions and of course her impeccable writing skill.

As a reader, I experienced varied emotions from being happy, excited, surprised, amused and sad as well while reading the stories. Balaka deserves many praises for her work.

What I didn’t like:

N Bhattacharya, Mona, Om, Tanushree Boudi are my favourites from the book but it was most difficult for me to choose my favourite story. This dilemma which I was subject to by the author is what I didn’t like about the book. Else I suggest Balaka designs a better look for the book and publish a paperback as well.

So, if you want to grab it click on the link below:

Golden Rainbow– Short Stories By Balaka Basu

Author’s Note:

For the past two months, I have been reading many e-books as I had participated in the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival. I had also planned to review them on my blog for the month of July.

Co-incidentally Shailaja of BlogARhythm blog announced the BarAThon.

The theme for this year edition of the BarAThon is Run/Sprint/Marathon/Dash/Chase and I chose Marathon of Ebook Reviews as my theme. This is my first ever participation in BarAthon as well.

The review of Golden Rainbow my first review for the BarAthon and second for the Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.


10 thoughts on “Book Review- Golden Rainbow”

    1. Yes.. highly recommended. I have learnt about writing fiction after reading Balaka’s stories. It’s a must read

  1. Golden Rainbows is a fantastic compilation of anecdotes and incidents from real life. Balaka has come up with some fantastic episodes from what she has witnessed. Some make you smile, some make you frown with disbelief making you think ‘C’mon that didn’t just happen!’, but every story evokes an emotion in the reader. That is the success of the book. Very good review, Aesha.

  2. Wow, thats an amazing theme. I have reserved the book reviews (other than the mandatory ones) for later this month.
    Regarding this particular book, it really interests me as it is based on real people. I feel that real stories around real characters are the ones that discomfort you the most.

  3. You have written a fantastic and well-balanced review of this book. And I agree wit what you have said. Each of the stories has touch the heart. Will be looking forward to more book reviews in the coming days.

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