Why Career Counselling? A Career Talk

Career Talk For Middle School Students

Recently, I was invited by Ms.Mandavi Jaiswal, an accomplished Indian Blogger/Content Creator to chat on ‘How To Identify The Best Fit Career For Your Child’. We did a live discussion on her Instagram IGTV channel An Urban Nomadic

Find below the video of the same on You – Tube.

While we covered all the points in the live chat, I would like to share the text of the chat and detailed answers for the questions, I answered through the discussion.

  1. Which is the right grade to approach a career counsellor for guidance

       A: Ideally in Grade 9.


2. Is it advisable to drop mathematics after grade 10?

A:  I recommend to keep maths if the student is not very weak in the subject. I only recommend the student to drop the       subject only if the student has chosen a field of study or career which doesn’t require the knowledge of mathematics. For example if the student is sure to go for a fine arts course after 12th, we advise them to drop maths. If a student wishes to study abroad for under grad courses, many colleges and courses have a mandatory requirement of mathematics at Grade 12 level so such students need to choose math irrespective of the stream of study that they choose.


3. How to choose the right stream after Grade 10 ?

A: If the student is completely confused, then I would suggest the student to go for a psychometric test. Based on the recommendations and a counselling session, we suggest the next step forward. If the student knows his choice but not confident to pursue the stream, I do not recommend a psychometric test initially. I first have a detailed one hour counselling session wherein I first listen to everything the student has to say. I provide an environment wherein the student can freely share about his/her goals, expectations, aspirations, dreams, doubts. I also go through the academic scores but that is just one of the parameters to help the student make the right choice. But I would also like to point out here that it there is never a similar way to guide the student. Each student is different, so, the first counselling session paves the way forward to make our suggestions.


4. Can I study in Canada after 10th?

A: Yes, one can. Secondary education in Canada is from Grade 9 to Grade 12. There are public and private schools. However, one should do thorough research in Grade 8 and maintain very good grades to secure admission at Canada institutes. One also needs to clear the English proficiency test TOEFL or IELTS to secure admission at Canada. There are many schools with IB curriculum at Canada so it is more favourable for IGCSE and IB students. But that doesn’t mean Indian board students cannot apply. Also, custodian, legal guardian etc clauses need to be found out before applying.


5. What is Psychometric test?

A: A career assessment test or a psychometric test is a scientific tool that helps career counsellor or individual to identify career interest, passion and abilities of the individual to be used in the career counselling process.

These tests usually have multiple choice questions and are designed by psychologists. They are structured in a way that in the end, you get to know what are the possible careers that align with your skillset, likes and dislikes.

Many times among students there is a misconception that career assessment test is an exam. No. It is not an exam.

6. Is there only one type of psychometric test? When can a student take the test?

A: There are different types of assessment tools like Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Holland Codes, Strong Interest Inventory, 16 PF. And there are various tests based on these tools. Currently the more popular psychometric tests for students are the

  1. Ideal career tests,
  2. Subject selector tests,
  3. Branch selector tests for engineering students.

The career assessment test should be taken in Grade 8 or Grade 9. If it’s taken in Grade 8 then we recommend the students to take it again in Grade 10 because preferences change.


7. What is the accuracy of psychometric tests?

A: Most of the psychometric tests are 90% accurate.


8. How much does Psychometric test cost, that being a major factor?

A: This depends on the test and also on the counsellor because the major factor is the analysis of the report. But the basic tests which I mentioned earlier are available at Rs 1500 to Rs 6000.

To Take A Career Assessment Test – Click on the link below –


9. How important are the profile building activities for admissions in Indian Universities? Also, from which grade should students focus on such profile building activities?

A: Indian Universities are now increasingly focusing more on profile building activities. At least the new age private liberal education universities such as O P Jindal, Flame, Krea, Plaksha, Amity, Ashoka . Grade 9 ideally. A university checks the academic reports and all of the student’s extra- curricular activities, co-curricular activities. Universities also conduct entrance examinations and conduct personal interviews.


10. What profile building activities are easy and doable?

A: One which are based on the student’s interest are easy and doable. Students should join school clubs, participate in Model United Nation during high school. Also, we recommend one social service activity. One can work with a NGO voluntarily. Here I would like to stress that the profile building activities should be focused according to the choice of course the student wishes to pursue at the under grad level. Any random activity will not help in personal growth of the student neither it will add value to a student’s profile to secure admission.

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  1. What kind of opportunities are possible for self employment or being employed after choosing a particular stream is an important part of Career Counselling. Sadly transparent data is lacking.

  2. Very interesting. I didn’t know much of the information given here. I wish career counseling was taken seriously when I was in school. I’ve taken a long-winded way to find out what I like doing best, spending many years experimenting instead of executing!

  3. The usual perception is, Psychometric test cost a huge amount of money. Also, one should approach career counselor only in grade 11. It was wonderful to clarify so many doubts that parents of middle school goers have. Thank you for coming over for this episode.

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