Overcoming Obstacles: How to Navigate Challenges in Your Career Path

While starting a new phase in your life, you are bound to face certain obstacles and it’s never easy to navigate those as everything is just very new.

Throughout the student life, a student must have had high dreams and aspirations about the kind of life they would want to lead. However, when they join an industry, they realise that things are not as smooth as they would like them to be. So, it’s a difficult phase to overcome professional obstacles if you are a fresher. 

You’ll likely face many obstacles throughout your professional life. Preparing for these challenges and learning tips and strategies to overcome them can help you reach your career goals.

To accomplish one’s career aspirations it’s important for one to move out of their comfort zone. Now, it is not always easy to do things out of one’s comfort zone and if there is lack of guidance then this obstacle becomes very difficult to navigate. 

How to Overcome Obstacles 

Remain positive and motivated

Staying positive will keep you motivated to overcome obstacles such as job rejections for co worker conflicts. 

Ask for help

Assistance can help build confidence so ask for help. It could asking your supervisor for training or a friend to help you with a mock interview. 

Set small goals

Divide each challenging task into smaller pieces that you can complete instead of trying to do everything at once. This can assist you in tracking progress and identifying obstacles to your project completion.

Learn to delegate

Understand that you can’t do everything yourself and micro managing doesn’t always work. Delegation helps to divide and workload and bring fresh perspectives which in turn helps to overcome obstacles. 

Though facing obstacles is a part and parcel of your professional life, a fresher may have more difficulty to face many challenges. They experience difficulty in voicing their opinion, there is high expectations as they are new in the job and this leads to lack of job satisfaction. Sometimes they may have uncomfortable conversations with their superiors due to lack of technical knowledge. Also many times  they are even not able adjust with long working hours. As a counsellor, I meet with many freshers who want to change jobs or give up on their career as they are unable to face these career obstacles. 

My only advice to them is that their life has changed now and they will have to change their perspective towards life. As a student you live a carefree life but as a young professional you will have to be an efficient performer to grow in your career. I hope the above mentioned tips are helpful to you to navigate through the obstacles and overcome them. 


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