Fun With Fitness This Holi #HoliHoppers

Red hands, yellow cheeks, pink forehead; Holi – The ‘Festival of Colours’ is back.

Not only do we love to get immersed in the bevvy of colours, but we also love to indulge in the mouth-watering delicacies unique to Holi. The scrumptious delicacies- Gujias and Mathris, Malpuas and Kachoris are prepared in almost all households in India.

We make all these at our home as well but the fitness conscious in me keeps contemplating about how much can I indulge in all the food. Also, I can’t resist tasting all these delicacies while they are being prepared and that itself amounts to quite a lot.

So, this Holi I have some ideas/ tips to enjoy all the festivities of Holi in a guilt-free manner.


Revisit your childhood:

Holi is one festival wherein you can bring out the child within you. So, play games which involve a lot of movement. This will help you ward off all the extra calories you put up while enjoying the food. Playing these games along with your friends and your children is a great way to get rid of stress as well.


Home Workout:

You can’t go to the gym. Don’t worry. Try some easy home workouts. Do some basic exercises like Crunches, Squats, Lunges, Pushups at home and I guess these are enough for a holiday. You don’t need to stress over missing a day at the gym. You can also try practising Surya Namaskar today. The Sun Salutation is a great way to begin your festivities. It’s a full body exercise and you also start your day indulging in a spiritual form of exercise. No better way to offer your salutation to the Sun God.


Plan your Meals:

Drink plenty of water. If you are going to spend your entire day playing Holi, your body could get dehydrated. So, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. And plan your meals for the day before and after Holi well. I usually fast on the Day of Holika Dahan and eat dinner after performing Puja. It’s natural that I would be hungry for dinner but I make sure I do not eat a very heavy dinner because it could be strenuous for my digestive system.  And I drink a lot of water during the day. I indulge in all the delicacies prepared on the day of Holi but again eat a light dinner before 8:00 p.m. Next day, I am back to my routine diet and routine exercise.


Enjoy your rest day

Rest days are very critical for an effective fitness routine too. Re-work your workout schedule and take a rest day on Holi. Enjoy the festivities and get back to work with renewed vigour and energy.

I hope these tips help all you- fitness conscious people. Enjoy the celebrations with your family and friends. Make the most of fun and frolic this Holi – guilt free and stress-free.

Wishing all of you a Very Happy Holi!!



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27 thoughts on “Fun With Fitness This Holi #HoliHoppers”

  1. We end up gorging on a lot of food and our fitness routine goes haywire during Holi. These are some good and easy tips to make sure that we have fun but don’t miss out on our health goals!

  2. Simple and easy to follow tips for Holi. I liked that you included gym and exercise tips in the post. That’s practical and easy to follow.

  3. Your post made me nostalgic, Aesha! I remember those carefree days when we would wake up early in the morning and play whole day with colours. Not a thought about calories and all. Sigh! Today is my rest day! Little home workout though, mostly stretches.

  4. Your post is such a unique take on the topic of Holi. I must admit I only think of the enjoyment and not the calories during festivals, but your post is inspiring me to be careful and aware this time. Happy Holi!

    1. No one wants to think about calories, I also binged on eating this holi. But I love working out, my body asks for it and I become restless if I don’t, so I played Holi with all the building kids, running around and filling buckets of water, carrying them and my workout was done

  5. I always revisit my old memories these days especially the ones which i celebrated with my entire family and cousins. We need to plan our meals because on such days we often overlook it.

    1. Yes, planning meals helps and one should eat and enjoy festivals. But just need to be careful of the portion sizes.

  6. I am getting into a 3 days Holi madness and I could definitely put some of these tips to good use. Water intake defiantly is going to be key with all the sweets treats going in, in plenty. Rest day – yes yes. Happy Holi #HoliHoppers

    1. Yes, it has become very hot nowadays. Keeping hydrated is important indeed. Thanks for visiting the blog.

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