7 Delicious Ways To Add Mushroom In Your Diet

There was a time when I didn’t love having mushrooms until the day when one of my friends insisted to give it a try and then there’s no turning back. I absolutely love it now. It has become one of my favourite vegetables. There are many good things about this protein-packed veggie but most importantly is that you can be very experimental with it. Mushrooms can never disappoint you no matter whether you use them in appetizers, sides, salads, or in sauces. They always taste delicious and give an extra punch to your dish.

Before getting started, let me introduce you to some incredibly good reasons for adding mushrooms to your regular diet. Have a look below to know how this versatile vegetable may benefit you.

It is power-packed with nutrients and protein. It is an excellent source of vitamin D. It is an excellent source to keep the heart healthy and maintain cholesterol levels. It helps to boost the immune system. Including mushrooms in your diet helps to promote good skin and hair. Mushroom is also great for people who are on a weight loss journey.

So, if you want to eat mushrooms but aren’t sure how to consume them in varied ways more often, here are some of the many ways that you’ll surely love.

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Matar Mushroom


This very famous and delicious North Indian curry is made with very nutritious and flavourful ingredients green peas, onion, tomatoes, spices and most importantly “Mushrooms”. The goodness of mushrooms in this nutritious dish tastes oh-so-delicious when combined with rice, roti or kulcha. And, the best part is that it will keep you full for longer thus helps in weight management

Mushroom Soup


Full-flavoured and so easy to make, Mushroom soup is healthy, tasty, and nutritious. Warm and tasty soups don’t need any season therefore Mushroom soup is the best snack that provides your body with many healthy nutrients while maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body. You can also add other veggies that you don’t eat otherwise to increase the intake of vegetables in your diet and reap maximum benefits out of it. I like to serve it before the main course meal to have a divine experience in every sip

Mushroom Salad


The very yummy and healthy mushroom salad is the easiest yet tastiest way to eat mushrooms. You can include cashews, dried tomatoes, and mint leaves to take the taste of the salad to the next level. This is probably my favourite-ever salad. This hearty delicious and incredibly nutritious salad is a great option for dinner too because it will keep your stomach full for longer and won’t add any extra inches to your waistline due to its few or zero-calorie properties.

Mushroom Masala


I absolutely love this creamy curry full of flavours. The recipe is warming and absolutely effortless to make. It tastes delicious and paired best while served with jeera rice and pulao. It is really filling bursting with flavours of the spices. Add chopped coriander and half a slice of lemon to give a unique flavour to the dish. No matter the occasion, this dish is always hit with people. Give it a try, I bet your taste buds would keep calling you back for this.

Mushroom Pulao


Where are all the rice lovers at? Well, this recipe is the one for you. Made with aromatic spices, the very healthy and tasty Mushroom Pulao is one-pot comforting lunch. All you need is to make Pulao as usual and then add mushrooms to the rice for final cooking. They add some unique restaurant-like taste to the pulao that is too hard to miss. Serve it hot with refreshing Boondi Raita or Cucumber Raita to have the best experience. And yes use whole grain brown rice to be on a healthier side


Mushroom Dalia


This ultra-healthy combo is a healthy, wholesome, and nutritious dish to kick start the day. Take half a bowl of Dalia, garlic, red chilli, and a handful of chopped mushrooms to cook this delicious meal. Have it with homemade chutney by the side to enjoy more. It also makes a great breakfast dish. So, who are you planning to share it with?




Not just for cooking, this popular ingredient tastes great in drinks too. You will be surprised to know that mushrooms can be a great ingredient to add to smoothies to give a mild or slightly sweet flavour. All you need is to load tons of greens along with mushrooms in the blender and voila! Your morning energizer to keep you turbocharged throughout the day is ready in a few minutes! However, you can have it any time of the day whenever hunger kicks in.


Final Thoughts

Don’t we all want to be one of the healthiest and best versions of ourselves? If yes, then adding mushrooms in your diet will definitely pave the way to live the healthy dream life that you wish for. But, if you aren’t sure how to cook, then consider an authentic tiffin service like us to get lip-smacking & healthy mushroom dishes at the comfort of your home.

So, which recipe do you like the most? Drop your favourite below!



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