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In my blogging journey I made many friends but amongst them there are few blogger friends whom I admire a lot and whose work has been a huge motivating factor for me.

One of my most favourite blogger friend is Anupama Dalmia. I am glad that an award winning blogger of her stature agreed readily to be featured on my blog.

About Anupama Dalmia:

Anupama Dalmia is an MBA graduate who worked with an IT giant for 6.5 years before she resigned to pursue her passions. She is an award winning blogger and her articles, fictional stories and poetry have been published by various popular magazines and online platforms like Women’s Era, Women’s Web, eFiction India, SheThePeopleTV, Youth ki Awaaz, ZenParent, mycity4kids, Readomania etc. She is the mother of a toddler and primarily writes about parenting and social issues, both of which she believes are co-related. She is the founder and owner of Rhythms & Beats which is a dance enterprise. She choreographs for events and conducts theme based workshops for all age groups. She is also the co-owner and designer of “Tingle Your Taste Buds” which is a popular cookery website with a dedicated subscriber base. She is a social activist as well and has worked as a volunteer with an NGO in the rehabilitation of human trafficking victims. Her journey/interview has been featured by “The Better India”, “Women of Courage” and the leading Tamil Magazine “Aval Vikatan”. She is a passionate traveler, a big time foodie and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Anupama Dalmia blogs at http://anupamadalmia.com/

 From Anupama’s blog:


  • Short story – The Illusion

As Nikhil stepped down from the podium, the auditorium reverberated with a thunderous applause. But, his internal turmoil was piercing enough to stifle the resonance around him. He wanted to break away from the throng of people that had enwreathed him – some were from the media, some from the audience and some belonged to the event organizing team. On any other usual day, he would have gladly spent time interacting with the crowd about his mission which had become the reason for his existence. But this day was different.
Read More here: http://anupamadalmia.com/2017/08/06/short-story-illusion/


  • Poetry – Musings By The Sea

Sitting at the seashore, basking in our moment,
My eyes wander to an effervescent adolescent.
In a trice, my mind starts brimming with thoughts of your future,
Pondering over sowing the right seeds for you as I nurture.
With a hopeful gleam in my eyes and a smile on my lips,
My grey matter begins to converse with you about life, the tricks and tips.
I cannot promise you a life full of happiness,
Because life, my baby, is a beautiful mess.
It is going to be like these waves of the sea,
With its peaks and lows, without a symmetry.
There will be moments of tranquil, and moments of chaos,
You’ll often be humored, and often inundated with pathos.
Just like the waves kindle our spirits in its every manifestation,
Get drenched through the crests and troughs, the storms and stills of life, and have fun.
Read here:   http://anupamadalmia.com/2016/04/12/musings-by-the-sea/


And finally the one article which won many awards across various platforms and one of my most favourite ones from Anupama.


  • My Voice – I am not going to assume that my daughter will marry

And one day she will marry and leave to build her own nest…” 
“Sorry for interrupting but how do you know she will marry? There is a probability that she may not want to.” 
“Huh! Of course she will. Everyone does. She can’t be living alone all her life.” 
” Hmm. Well there are examples of people who have chosen to stay single all their life. So what’s the problem if she makes such a choice too? Who decides that everyone should marry? “
” Those people must be feeling very lonely. Everyone needs a partner in their life for company and love. “
” We are no one to decide for everyone. Happiness and love mean different things to different people. No two people can have same expectations from life in all aspects. And in any case, she is just a toddler now so why are we even discussing this? “. 
” But don’t you think she would need a man in her life to protect her, make her feel loved and cared for? “
” Absolutely not! Firstly, I don’t want to teach her that she needs to depend on someone to feel protected. Rather, I want her to be self-sufficient and be able to take care of and protect herself. Also, again you are assuming she will need a man. What if she turns out to be gay? She might not need a man you see in that case.”
Read more : http://anupamadalmia.com/2016/08/05/not-going-assume-daughter-will-marry/


Anupama’s Awards and Accolades:


Find the complete list of Anupama’s awards here: http://anupamadalmia.com/awards-accolades/

Anupama Dalmia is also a fellow Write Tribe member. Do visit her site to know more about her and read more of her work.

I am taking part in the Write Tribe Festival Of Words #6.



40 thoughts on “Featuring Anupama Dalmia”

  1. Anupama is truly an inspiration. Her opinions and posts are often an eye-opener and deal with such sensitive issues so beautifully. It’s great to have all her articles in one post!

    1. Thanks for reading. Anupama’s writings are very inspirational. I have learnt a lot about writing from her. But most importantly she is a very kind human being and a true friend.

  2. What do I say Aesha! I am so touched by all the lovely words of appreciation from you and the other Write Tribers. I am grateful to you for choosing to feature me on your blog. You are a wonderful friend, a great mother and a brilliant blogger and I treasure our friendship with all my heart. Wishing you success always. Lots of love and hugs.

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  4. It feels good to have two bloggers I love in one page. I have met Anupama and am glad we´re friends. More than her achievements and the multi-talented woman that she is, she is truly the one of the nicest and warmest human beings out there. Real, balanced, intelligent, spirited and so many more adjectives can be ascribed to her. Glad you featured her in your guest post, Aesha! 🙂

    1. Tina I am so blessed to have found a friend like you. Thanks a ton for such generous words for me and for all the love. And the feelings are mutual. You are amazing! Hugs.

  5. Anupama is a Write Triber? I wasn’t aware of this. I did read her article ‘I am not going to assume that my daughter will marry’. it is an inspiring read and a call desperately needed in our times. Thanks Aesha for introducing Anupama to us.

    1. Yes she is Anamika. She couldn’t participate due to prior commitments but I knew she would want to be part of our festival of words so chose to feature her.

    2. Thanks a bunch. I am glad to know you read my article and liked it. And yes as Aesha mentioned, I couldn’t participate due to prior commitments but hopefully next time I will be able to 🙂

  6. Anupama’S wins and accolades look so impressive. I can see why. Thanks for introducing her… Now I am off to her blog to finish that story 🙂

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