Hairstyle Solutions For Thin Hair

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I have always had short, thin and scanty hair. While in school, my friends had long tresses of hair I too longed to have such hair. But sadly, there was something wrong genetically that I could never grow long hair. It would stop growing beyond shoulder length.

I tried numerous types of oils, hair treatments, visits to doctors, oral medication and much more but I never found a permanent solution.

Thus, styling my hair when attending functions became a task. I always left my hair open and never could experiment around with various hairstyles as I feared that it wouldn’t suit me.

But after a bit of trial and error, I found out these looks which I feel one can never go wrong with. These styles are easy to do and work wonders for your look in case of thin hair.

Wear different styles of Pony-tail:

Try and add variety to a simple ponytail. Yes, that can be done. You can create a voluminous ponytail too. Hold the top layer of your hair and tease it (back-comb) with a fine- tooth comb. Then pull your hair back into a high ponytail.

You could also make a wavy side ponytail, this hairstyle looks sexy and works well for a professional look too.

I even try the half ponytail many times. It’s easy and quick. To wear a half ponytail, take a few strands of hair from the centre, leaving few from the sides open and secure them with an elastic band or a small hair clip.

Side part your hair:


Avoid centre parting if you have scanty hair. Instead, part your hair on sides to add volume to your hair.

Style hair in Braids:

Braids are a protective hairstyle solution and easy on maintenance too. You can braid your hair in different styles. The fishtail style is particularly my favourite. It adds style to your regular braided look.

Curl your hair:


Curls look good on thin hair too. To wear curls, divide wet hair into parts and twist them up using curlers. Leave them until they dry. You could use a hair dryer or let them dry naturally too.

Wigs and extensions:


Many women lose hair due to hormonal changes during pregnancy and also with age. Wigs and extensions are also a practical solution for such women. Even women who just want to experiment with their look can try out a varied range of braids by Xpressions braiding hair like the outre braids, crochet braids and loop braids in their braiding hair collection. You can find braids that match your style and personality.


Do you have scanty hair? Are you facing hair loss issues? What type of hairstyles have you tried for yourself? Do share with us.

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17 thoughts on “Hairstyle Solutions For Thin Hair”

  1. Scanty Hair is kinda serious for my momma too but taking it the other way round is surely the best way to be positive. Loved the way you’ve explained things so well.

  2. I always had thick hair and post partum hair loss took little volume but i still have much left ;)….i know the struggle of thin hair is real because my mom never lets me cut my hair as she has a thin hair …i loved the side parting part and wigs and hair extension these days are best for parties and marriages…

  3. I had very very thick volume hair, used to take 18-20 hrs to dry them when I washed in the morning. However, hypothryoidism struck and I lost both the quality and quantity. There was a time when I thought I might have to wear a wig if the hair fall continued like that. Thankfully, I could restrict further hair fall by eating and exercising well.

    1. That is true, proper eating habits and exercise is the only long term solution to hair thinning issues.

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