A – Z Challenge – Theme Reveal Post

A to Z Challenge is aspirational for me. It is a means to raise my self- esteem, to raise my self -confidence and to prove to myself that ‘Yes’! I can write consistently.

Confidently and with hope I signed up for the challenge but was initially confused about the theme. While contemplating the topics, I started thinking about myself and the changes in my life since the past few years after I took up blogging.

When I was 35 years old, I went through a phase in life where I felt lost. I felt a certain kind of emptiness within myself. On certain days I was happy and on certain days I felt very sad and angry with myself.

I read somewhere that when one approaches midlife, because of the many changes they may experience such mixed emotions and its important to not let it convert into a crisis situation.

Thankfully blogging happened and I became a positive person. I interacted with more confident people around me. I read more articles with a pragmatic approach. My blog became not only a platform to write but a medium of expression for me.

It is my first attempt participating in the A to Z challenge and I want to optimally utilize it to put forward an array of thoughts and sentiments I go through currently as I approach midlife.

I want to make it the best phase of my life and set up goals for the same. I feel that the A To Z challenge is the best platform to share my aspirations from Midlife and thus I choose

Decoding Midlife

As my theme for the April A To Z Challenge 2018.

So keep yourself updated and join me on April 1, 2018 . Stay connected using your favourite social media.

73 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge – Theme Reveal Post”

  1. Hello! Good luck with the a-z challenge. I’m a little late so maybe I can try for next year’s challenge. Looking forward to your posts with this theme.

    1. Wow! I will visit your blog to read your views on the same. I am approaching Midlife and I want it to be the most fruitful phase of my life , thus want to look forward to it with positivity.

    1. Yes, generally Midlife is looked up as a crises phase so I have some goals for the same.. visit in April to find out! I will check out your theme as well

  2. Looking forward to your take on the theme and will tag along in the roller coaster that the next month will be 🙂 Very best wishes for the challenge Aesha.

  3. Sharvari Paivaidya Mehan

    Wow. This seems like a different theme. For an A to Z challenge. Good luck. Waiting to read your posts

  4. This sounds so exciting. I would love to read your take on the theme, will be really helpful for me as I will be touching midlife soon. All the best for the challenge.

  5. momtasticworld

    oh, this is going to be a such a fun series, i am totally waiting for it. I too ma participating in A to Z challenge and hopefully will finish it too. 🙂

  6. Mid life is more of crisis I have heard but thankfully I am spared by crisis although I am in my mid years now. But would love to read your posts. All the best for April!

    1. Yes generally Midlife is considered to be a crises situation & thus I have goals for myself before I touch 40’s which I would like to share. It’s good to hear that you are enjoying your midlife & your inputs will be very valuable for me through this month. Do keep visiting my posts. Thanks Medha.

  7. I wrote about the A to Z of why Midlife Rocks last year – it’s a great way to build your confidence and Midlife really does rock! I’ll be popping back to see how you tackle the topic this year. My theme for 2018 is the A to Zen of Life – can’t wait for April to get started!
    Leanne from

    1. That’s amazing I shall visit your blog posts right away. It’ll certainly help me decode mine easily. Thanks a ton for sharing. I will visit your blog this year as well. I love your theme.

  8. That is a really great topic. I am sure many might find it relevant and a lot of us can learn from it. Looking forward to your series.

  9. That is a great theme. I started blogging a year back and it has rejuvenated me no end and I feel a lot more positive in spite of many other issues that are pending in life. Good luck to you. I will definitely visit this space.

  10. Decoding midlife….something really interesting to look up to. Would love to read your story further…

  11. Welcome to the challenge!
    I’m sure it will be a beautiful experience for you. It will be my fourth, and every years has given me something more. Networking is fantastic.
    And you have a great theme to share.
    Have a great April!

    JazzFeathers Theme Reveal
    Weimar Germany

    1. Thanks. That’s awesome! 4 years of participation must have given you so much confidence. Look forward to your posts too.

  12. Decoding Midlife…that’s a really interesting theme. And it’s one that I’m already keen to hear more about. I’m around the same age as you so I’m intrigued. Good luck for the challenge!

  13. It sure would be insightful to decode the midlife through your musings and reflections Aesha! Wishing you all the best for the the April challenge.

    1. Thanks Vasantha. Looking forward to your posts as well. It’s going to be a no the filled with lot of excitement . I can feel it right now

  14. Wonderful Aesha I am sure many readers will relate to this. I have personally always felt that when we write abashedly about our own stories thats when they are most effective and I am certain this will be a wonderful ride for you and all of us. Hugs!

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