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Self- Belief: My Word Of The Year

I am participating in the word of the year challenge hosted by Corinne of Everyday Gyaan

Ok, so I am very late in posting my first post for 2019. I was taking a break. I went back to writing in a diary after a year. So, for the first 20 days, I wrote a daily journal, enjoyed it thoroughly and didn’t feel like writing a blog post.

I am a bit old school in a way. I love pen and the diary as opposed to a laptop. I like a hard copy instead of reading on Kindle. I like the smell of the pages of my diary and the books I read.

I went on a vacation this month and was attending weddings so have had a great start to the New Year. And when the beginning is good, you feel happy and confident. Commencing the year 2019, on a high, gave me my Word of The Year and that is ‘Self- belief’.

I have this habit of doubting myself. I question my choices and the decisions I make. I keep questioning my abilities. I fear to be irrelevant in society. I fear if I can face competition. That’s why this year I decided I will be different and believe in myself.

The people who know me, will also not know this about me. I always come across as a confident and strong person. But that is because I hide my apprehensions. However, I intend to change that this year.

My 5 Steps to ‘Self-Belief’

    • I will trust my abilities always.
    • I will deal with negative thoughts. I read in a blog post that most of the times when we doubt ourselves it’s not our own inner voice. Sometimes it is a childhood incident or some person whose behaviour made you believe that you are not capable. So, whenever we get such a thought we need to think twice if it’s our own voice and just ignore such thoughts.
    •  I will learn the art of self-belief. It’s important to be flexible. We might not always get what we want but that doesn’t mean we question our self but I need to learn it.
    • I will make a list of my strengths and weakness every day. Just going through this list will increase my self -confidence.
    • I will create a vision for myself. Visualising the best for yourself helps in increasing self- belief. I intend to make a vision board and looking at it daily,  which will make me believe in my abilities more. It will make me look forward to a better future with hope and positivity.

stay positive

Right now, I am in a very positive frame of mind and I believe I can achieve many milestones this year practising Self- Belief.

But I always look for suggestions from my friends, family, blogging community and my readers so pour in your thoughts and share about the ways you employ to be self -confident.

10 thoughts on “Self- Belief: My Word Of The Year”

  1. That’s a positive word and a powerful vision Aesha. You are right you don’t come across as someone who self doubts… But inner conflicts are rarely visible to people outside. Am glad you have chosen this word and promised yourself you will be more confident about your choices.

    More often than not these nagging doubts are just our own creation… I agree with you that they might bear reflection on our past incidents Take care and surge forward.

    1. This means a lot , Anshu. Thanks for always being a strong support. Blogging has given me friends like you, and my life has changed 360 degrees. I have become much more confident of myself than I was 3 years back.

  2. This is something I could do with too. I love your pointers, they are so workable. Listing out strengths and weaknesses every day is a good idea. Good luck Aesha. Hope 2019 is wonderful for you.

    1. Thanks a lot Bhavna. Keep visiting my blog. It helps in building self belief & gives me confidence when my writing is appreciated.

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