What Makes You Happy?

Let me begin with a question.

What makes you happy?

Receiving and providing Love and care, Appreciation, Support; Professional success, Financial stability, the success of your spouse and children.

Am I right?

All these things made me happy and I was content with my life. I assumed I am very happy because things were going my way. Then suddenly things changed. Corona Virus shook our lives and unexpectedly we were in an extraordinary situation.

I was caught off guard and had to alter my plans. I was looking forward to a life I had always envisioned for myself and my family. I was awaiting this exciting new phase of my life and suddenly I find myself losing control. A sense of helplessness set over me.

When I was not enjoying the activities that have always given me joy, I discussed this with my friend and she suggested that I should read ‘Inner Engineering’ by Sadguru. She had just concluded the Inner Engineering online course and it had led her to a path of self- discovery.

Along with reading the book, I started listening to Sadguru’s talks on YouTube. That’s how I commenced a journey of introspection.

“Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, but with you”. -Sadguru

When we depend on external factors for happiness, it can be short-lived. In one of the videos, SadGuru asked, “If somebody else determines what is happening within you then is it, not slavery?” All the pleasant or unpleasant emotions that we feel are within us. If somebody else decides what happens within you then it’s the worst form of slavery, he said.

This put lot of things into perspective for me. I was depending on materialistic things for my happiness. I was feeling overwhelmed by the situation even after being secured in a home with plenty of food to satisfy my needs.

I was not looking within me, to seek true happiness. Although activities such as reading, writing, exercising had a calming effect on me, yet it was temporary. I was getting affected if someone would do or say something against my liking. Unconsciously I was giving someone else the power to make me feel happy or unhappy. Similarly, there have been times when I have been a reason to upset someone by my behaviour or words. There have been countless times where I have regretted my attitude of dealing with difficult situations. All these actions became a source of unhappiness which in turn led to more negative thoughts affecting my body and mind.

It is a gradual process of self- discovery and self-improvement but I am actually happy that I have set on to it. My own strengths have been a realization for me. By embarking on this journey of looking inward, within myself, I feel a little happier daily.

When I got to know that Ruchie and Dipika have planned the SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge with Happiness as the central theme, I decided to take this opportunity to share my learnings. I wanted to reach out to more people and I am grateful to them to organize this during such difficult times when we feel so unsure about our future.to

Also, this is my 250th blog post and I am truly happy that it has come at a time in my life when I decided to focus on inner transformation. I am so glad that my personal and blogging milestones concurred.  

I would like to conclude with a very simple tip by SadGuru.

“Smile immediately once you wake up and continuously make it a practice to smile at every hour during the day.”

This simple yet powerful tip is doing wonders within me and I recommend that all those reading this post try and incorporate in your lives.  

Until then,

Stay at home

Stay Safe

Stay Happy


This post is written for SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Ruchi & Dipika

53 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy?”

  1. I always have believed and followed the fact that happiness is always from withing and not from things and people around. And I have in someway been able to keep myself happy with this. It’s not that dont I like materialistic things, they do give me happiness ofcourse but I knw n accept now that their absence will not hurt me a lot too.

    Also, congrats for ur 250th post.

  2. It is never too late to realise that happiness is within and not for from outside factors. But yes, it’s very difficult not to be affected buy world and needs a lot of practice. As it’s said that if you have started the journey,you will finish reach your destination one day.

  3. sweetestpepper

    Im sorry for whatever plans did not work for you my friend. it is likely to feel unhappy and annoyed when a long plan goes to dumps. Im glad you found out a way that brought you out of that space!

  4. I live by that line and I smile first thing in the morning but after reading your post I am adding another agenda. To smile every hour once atleast, starting now 🙂 Happy 250th post.

  5. Wow!Great 250th post, many congrats! So true Aesha, once we learn to peep inside for happiness we conquer the world of happiness, I have not heard or watched much Sadguru ji but I totally resonate with your thoughts.

  6. Congratulations!! for your 250th blog post. It’s a great milestone. I loved the way you have narrated about your learnings and shared tips with us. The best was reminding us to smile. A curve that straightens everything in life.

    1. Certainly a curve that straightens , what a beautiful way to put it. Thank you for the lovely comment .

  7. Congratulations on 250th post. I love the fact that happiness starts with us, it’s not the job or relationship we have to keep ourselves happy by being us.

  8. Congratulations Aesha on the 250th post and strength in soul for looking inside to find the inner peace and happiness. The youtube videos with Sadguru’s talks are quite soothing.

  9. momtasticworld

    Congratulation Aesha for your 250th post. What a simple yet effective habit you have shared, I agree, starting the day smiling can make our day better.

  10. Hi. Your article left me to think about a lot of things. I have heard a lot about sadguru but never watched his videos. And with your blog I have that urge to listen to him. And congratulations for 250th.. Many more to come.

    1. Thanks a lot. By chance I listened to few videos and I felt his approach to be pragmatic accompanied with scientific evidence.

  11. Congratulations on your 250th post. It’s truly inspiring. To incorporate simple things in life can make humongous difference in your life. I truly believe that a smile can bring great joy.

  12. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Many congrats aesha for 250th post and loved your response for the theme. I had also started listening sadguru speeches recently and learning the deeper meaning of life and happiness with his spiritual guidance. I agree having a feeling of gratitude for your blessings and start your day with smile is such a wonderful gesture that could make a major difference in our overall attitude and ultimately to our life too.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and appreciation. I have realised in the lockdown that it’s the simple things that I ignored earlier but were those that brought me the most joy.

  13. 250th post, congratulations on this milestone.
    During this lockdown period me and my husband has also done the online course of Inner engineering, it is life changing. Things that we look for outside are not going to make us happy. Every episode in the series is awesome and thought provoking.

    If you can relate to what he says, I would suggest go dor the online course too.

    1. Thanks a lot. I am planning to do the online course and wish to visit Isha centre at Coimbatore too once things are normal.

  14. Aesha, truly I loved the honesty in your writing about happiness. The inner transformation happens very gradually and takes so much efforts and will power to complete it. But once we set our minds in it, there is no looking back.

    Also, Sadguru’s speech are so inspiring, thought-provoking and often makes us think about the way we lead our life. That quote on happiness by Sadguru is something to remember for a long time. I am overwhelmed, that you took a spiritual take on happiness and that has inspired me to read the book Inner Engineering which I bought a long time back and just put it on my shelf.

    Also, congratulations for your 250th blog-post! Wish you many more to come!

    Truly, inspired!!

    1. Thanks, Amritha for visiting my blog and lovely comment of appreciation. Do read the book. Sadguru’s guidance is pragmatic and his take on spirituality is also very unique. One can easily absorb his teachings because he backs it with scientific evidence.

  15. My post is quite alike yours Aesha. I also discovered that nothing can make us happy until you are happy from inside. Your post reminded me of the same. Lovely. Congratulations for 250th post dear.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the appreciation. I would surely visit your blog and read your post too.

  16. Heartiest congrats for reaching your 250th post buddy and yes even I watch Sadhguru’s video. I could so relate to your post buddy

  17. Smile immediately once you wake up and continuously make it a practice to smile at every hour during the day.” How beautiful is that. No wonders why we feel happy seeing the new born because they welcome everyone with a wide smile. Happiness is in all of ya just that it has gotten covered with many other emotions and things. The way the existence of any tangible thing is temporary same way if we try to find happiness in the tangible objects then it will also be temporary.

    1. Yes, Alpana. Though I cannot give up on tangible things and that’s what Sadguru also puts emphasis on, he’s guidance has a pragmatic approach and also backs it with science so it’s relatable.

  18. Congratulations on your 250th post Aesha. Yes even I smile first thing when I get up. It is the ultimate positive affirmation.

  19. This is one of the BEST blog posts I have ready during #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips – useful tips beautifully woven in an interesting narrative. Thank you Aesha for making me smile :). Yes, I will remember to smile every one hour too. Warm hugs.

    1. Thanks a ton. I am very happy to receive so much appreciation. It’s a simple tip that we miss out on. But it helped me immensely during the lockdown and I had to share it with more people and spread the message. Because sometimes we know it but don’t pay so much attention to simpler acts.

  20. I agree with you Aesha, this happens with almost everyone. We think that external factors are the driving force for our happiness but that’s not true. If we would focus more on inside to seek happiness, it will stay there forever. Loved reading your thoughts and thanks for sharing your learning. And, congratulations for your 250th post.

  21. Unknowingly we all become slaves on external factors and to be free of them would be a blessing. I am also trying to learn the art of disengaging from the negativity and stay positive.

  22. I resonate your thoughts in the post Aesha, happiness is a gradual and consciously made process. We have to make it a practice to eventually get the real results. Thank you for joining us for the challenge. It is always a lovely experience reading from your Blog.

    1. Thank you Dipika. Your consistency and dedication towards your blog inspires me too. Always a pleasure to collaborate with you.

  23. Congratulations Aesha on this amazing milestone and we are so happy to know that our speakeasy challenge is your 250th post ?

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