For my mom

I have always been a daddy’s girl. I have been influenced by my daddy so much that he’s my idol and I look up to him for everything. I ask for his advice and I know I can count on him for anything and everything. I speak at lengths with him and discuss everything. So when I started thinking about this blog on mother’s day it took me many days to pour out my feelings about the relevance of my mother in my life.
I’ll be very honest today. I want to take this opportunity to thank my mother whom I haven’t till date for all that she did for me. I have a very bitter sweet relationship with my mom. We have varied opinions and can never agree on one thing. Since childhood I have had completely different interests and aspirations from the expectations she had for me. Both my parents have had very successful careers and I always believed that they had some expectations from me. I however came to believe that I do not have high ambitions in life and so though I studied, took up degrees but never could boost of a successful career.
I always wanted to be like my daddy but after marriage and particularly after I become a mother, I realised I am a lot like my mom. My parenting approach is exactly like my mom. She has been a principal in a pre- school and whatever I learnt from her, I employ those methods in grooming my daughter. One never realises how and when you learn. I myself realised this after being a mother.
Though I realised that she has done a wonderful job being an excellent educator and an extremely supportive spouse and a wonderful mother, I have never told her. Sometimes she tells me, that she couldn’t raise me as she wanted to as she had her professional commitments but today I want to ensure her, that it is not the case and that I am extremely proud of her and of how she has raised me.
I want to tell you mom that you worked relentlessly so that I could have secure childhood. Even with a tight schedule, you took care of all my needs. I always had whatever I wanted and you put up to my demands. When I was small I thought you are very strict and not like other loving moms but today when I am a mother myself and when my daughter puts up her demands, I realise what you intended to teach me. I have inherited the family values from you. The manner in which you have successfully managed work and home is so very inspiring. I haven’t been able to achieve that, so I realise how difficult it would have been for you.
I also believed that I had to always remain in your shadows and I was always been identified as a principal’s daughter and couldn’t have an identity of my own. But today when I look back and to come to think about it, I realise I have been very lucky.
Today when my fellow classmates speak fondly about you, and remember you, I feel so proud for the respect you have garnered for yourself through your work. Your school was your home, and you have influenced so many teachers and students in your life and that is your biggest success. And to forgo all of it, your passion, when daddy relocated for his career is the most self less decision of your life. What a remarkable lady you have been!
I have realized this after being a wife and a mother but have succumbed under an ego and have never told you so. I am extremely sorry and want to thank you a lot for all you did for me.
Today I am feeling extremely privileged to be my mummy’s girl.

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