10 Times When Parents Use Child As An Excuse.

Yesterday a poll from a mommy group popped up on my Facebook timeline asking us to reveal whether we have ever used our child as an excuse to get out of a social function. Most of the moms replied in affirmative. Haven’t we all done that at least a couple of times? So I asked …

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Kids Never Cease To Amaze Me!

The 21st-century kids Amaze Me. Today is a proud and a happy moment for me, as the founder of this blog but more importantly as a mother. A few days back one of my dearest online friend ;(yes, I haven’t met her yet), but some relations are beyond meeting someone in person and Anupama Dalmia …

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Every drop counts!

Imagine a world without water. Without clean water how would human beings, animals, plants survive? Indeed every drop counts! Nowadays all the newspapers mostly feature at least one news item on the situation of water shortage in Maharashtra and other parts of the country too. Until we don’t get a proper monsoon, this situation would …

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