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Have You Ever Written An Apology Letter To Your Body?

Have you cursed your body? Have you had moments when you have commented on trying everything possible to lose weight, look good but your body never responded? Have you blamed your body’s metabolism for not losing weight? Who’s To Blame? I can’t speak for someone else but I have. I have blamed my body many …

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Golden Rainbow

Book Review- Golden Rainbow

A Book Review- Golden Rainbow- Collection of Short Stories About the Author: Balaka Basu is an Instructional Designer and Blogger. She runs two successful blogs Trina looks back (www.trinalooksback.com) and Wanderful (www.mumbong.blogspot.com). She also regularly contributes at Momspresso, Women’s Web, Bonobology, BuzzingBubs and Babychakra. Many of her blog posts have earned awards in past few …

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My Most Genuine And Heartfelt Letter.

Dearest Batman and Robin, I hope this letter finds you in the best of your spirits. (A mandatory opening line for every letter that I write) But whom am I kidding? Of course, you are in the best of your spirits, I know it because we like talked just 5 minutes before I started writing …

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Love In A Marriage.

Today Roma and Rohan had completed 20 years of their marriage. It was a day of great significance in her life as it concerned her future. She had taken a vital decision. But she was wondering how will she convey it to Rohan? Her thoughts wandered back to her 10th wedding anniversary. It was a …

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Love At Mercy Of A Cheeseburger!

I am Ria, a successful Human Resource head at a multinational company. I have the monies and the power to make or break someone’s career. I am also very popular among all the employees in the company. I owe all to my dad. He is my idol and he has made me what I am …

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I Enjoy My Job! #WriteBravely

“In every job, that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and -snap! The job’s a game!” -Mary Poppins Can’t agree more with Mary Poppins. I have tried to do multiple things and various jobs in my life. But I never stuck to it and was never driven enough …

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A – Z Challenge – Theme Reveal Post

A to Z Challenge is aspirational for me. It is a means to raise my self- esteem, to raise my self -confidence and to prove to myself that ‘Yes’! I can write consistently. Confidently and with hope I signed up for the challenge but was initially confused about the theme. While contemplating the topics, I …

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a-z April Challenge

Join me in A – Z April Challenge 2018 !

Last year I was a newbie to the blogging world. A week into April I got to know about the A- Z April challenge through few blogger groups on social media. I was amazed at the consistency and dedication with which bloggers wrote for the challenge. While reading their daily posts throughout the month of …

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Disturbing Pattern Of Life !

Radhika eagerly waited for the beautiful Sunday mornings. Humming her favourite song ‘Lag Ja Gale, ke phir ye raat ho na ho….’ she was preparing coffee when Madhav entered the kitchen. ‘So what’s brewing, you seem very happy today?’ ‘You know I so look forward to Sunday mornings, this is the only time you spend …

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