My Most Genuine And Heartfelt Letter.

Dearest Batman and Robin,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of your spirits. (A mandatory opening line for every letter that I write) But whom am I kidding? Of course, you are in the best of your spirits, I know it because we like talked just 5 minutes before I started writing this letter. Is there ever been a single day where we haven’t spoken to each other? Yes, sorry maybe during the A to Z challenge, when I was only focused on my writing and ignored you guys. But you always stood by me. Though I disappeared, you didn’t. Because both of you love me more than I can ever reciprocate. Again, our friendship is not fickle enough, it’s constant, it’s forever and beyond time.

Who would believe that I have just known you both for the past three years? I feel God was just waiting for the right time. I met you when I was going through the lowest phase of my life. I didn’t take the changes in my life well. I was sad. I was a loner, though I smiled and talked to people, I wasn’t feeling happy. I felt resentful.

But then I met these two girls, full of life and positivity. You guys understood me. Both of you pushed me to look within me. You gave me the confidence to live my life my way.

I didn’t know what I would do with my life at the age of 35 years. That’s when you told me, “No matter how your heart is grieving if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

You taught me to focus on my strengths and taught me not to bother about my weakness. Not by lecturing, but by your own conduct.

There have been numerous people who supported me in my writing journey. Though It was Hirak who asked me to get back to writing, both of you were the only ones who were the first one to read all that I wrote. Even Hirak hasn’t read any of my drafts. I haven’t discussed my ideas with him. It has only been my Batman and Robin.

Remember, Batman when I would call you to come home during your busiest morning time to just have a look and edit my draft for the Write Tribe challenge. See, today in a year’s time I am writing a letter to you after being a published author for the same challenge. Life is so beautiful now. I am much more confident about myself, my thoughts and my writing. All because of you.

And Robin, my co-writer. Do I need to say more? We have discussed so many ideas before I write a post.

I could complete the A to Z challenge and have my first book published only because both of you gave me the confidence to write about Midlife. I remember so many times we have deliberated on each chapter. Phew! I am glad that’s over. But successfully because I had the confidence that whenever I will falter, you will hold me.

When I started my writing journey, I was travelling alone or should I call it my writing career (yes, now I can call it my career), but both of you joined in with complete support. And this was not only limited to assisting me with my writing but taking care of Mishti. Whenever I was not around and busy with my professional commitments, I knew both of you will be there for her. I will not thank you for this. But will just say I love you both lots. No words can express my sentiments for both of you. Only the tears in my eyes as I end this letter are the proof of my love and respect for both of you.

Cheers to us!

Only And Truly Yours


(P.S.) – Some Friendships are permanent and we will make sure ours will always be.


Author’s Note: Though this letter is my entry for Day 6 of the Write Tribe Festival Of Words, it’s sole purpose is not only my participation in a writing challenge. It’s something that I always wanted to express in words. My friends understand my emotions like no other but I had to do this today.

Taking inspiration from my blogger friends, I have incorporated all the three prompts for the day in this letter.

The featured image is the picture prompt, which is me travelling alone just as I commenced my writing journey until my friends came along.

The quote from the movie Cinderella is mentioned in bold letters. And the creative prompt for the day is :

Write a letter to a person who supported your writing career, whether that be a friend, a family member, a teacher (even one that supported you at a very young age before you knew that it would blossom into a writing career), an author you’ve never met but have been inspired…



33 thoughts on “My Most Genuine And Heartfelt Letter.”

  1. A beautiful heartfelt letter, Aesha! Your honest feelings are coming out so well! Isn’t it great to have friends cum mentors to walk the way with you and hold your hand when necessary!

  2. You are blessed my dear to have such supporting friends in your life. Not everyone is lucky enough. Betrayals are more especially when you trust someone blindly. I loved that you acknowledged their role in your journey. Stay blessed.

  3. You are indeed a superhero(ine). Loved the dedicated post full of love and emotions to your friends Asha and Neha. love your friends for supporting your throughout.

  4. Phantom, just when I needed it most… Can’t express my love and respect for you… I love you both and my God knows that if one thing I am scared of in this world, is losing you both and your trust… Love u from the heart of my heart…

    1. ?. I can fulfil that wish of yours. Those are my friends Asha & Neha. We consider ourselves superheroes .

  5. That’s a lovely way of thanking your friends. I am glad that you have such friends who stand by you during the coures of life. Great way of using the prompts.

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