Have You Ever Written An Apology Letter To Your Body?

Have you cursed your body? Have you had moments when you have commented on trying everything possible to lose weight, look good but your body never responded? Have you blamed your body’s metabolism for not losing weight?

Who’s To Blame?

I can’t speak for someone else but I have. I have blamed my body many times. When we struggle to lose weight for a long time it feels hard to love your body.

I would keep cribbing that I am unable to lose all the fat from my thighs. I didn’t like my body. All my life I kept struggling to make peace with my body shape. Over time I realized that I am not feeling healthy and losing that extra weight only because I keep abusing my body.

Learn To Forgive!

I had to learn to forgive myself, my body. I had to shun that guilt of eating high-calorie food. I had to stop feeling guilty of eating deep-fried food, chocolates and pastries. I had to enjoy food while I am eating it so as to align my mind and body. Once I started appreciating my food, my mind signalled me when to stop eating. I learnt to control my food cravings.

Ask For Forgiveness!

I read a blog post where the writer suggested to ask for forgiveness from your body. It seemed interesting. She even suggested writing a letter of apology. Isn’t that wonderful?

I decided to do that and actually felt good. I wrote a letter of apology asking for forgiveness.

Letter of Apology.

I said ‘Sorry’. Sorry for being harsh and not loving you. Sorry for not appreciating you. Sorry for insulting you.

I took a vow to eat everything that I like. I felt grateful that I am fortunate enough to have food to eat. I was lucky that I could eat whatever and whenever my body demanded it.

Though I am very conscious of the food I eat and follow a daily exercise routine; I never starve myself. After writing that letter it freed me of all the guilt of eating and I focus more on the timing and portion size of the food I eat.


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I respect my body. I give it ample rest. And it shows on my body and my weighing scale too. My body has accepted my apology.

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

Day 1. Prompt #forgive


18 thoughts on “Have You Ever Written An Apology Letter To Your Body?”

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  4. Loving your body is the first step towards fitness. I also feel that eating what you love in controlled portion or occasionally never harms. I have also started loving my body and praise the toned body parts every day. This way my body also reacts in the positive way.

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  7. Baby, if I start writing an apology letter to my body, it will turn into an epistolary novel 🙂
    I loved the concept of writing a letter to my body and maybe should write. Lovely post dear, enjoyed it thoroughly.

  8. It is a very interesting idea to write an apology letter to your body. Most of us have hated our body at some point in our life – for not being tall enough, or thin enough or for being too skinny.
    We must have forgive ourselves and be comfortable in our skin.
    Great post, Aesha. And I second Alpana. Love your honesty. ?

    1. Thanks a ton Priya. It’s always easier to be honest. I am glad I found my voice and friends who recognise and resonate with it as well. Feeling truly blessed.

  9. Aesha, I have always loved your writing mainly because of the honesty with with you write them. You never hesitate to tell your personal experience. And yes, writing an apology letter to our body is a great idea. We tend to crib a lot but we forget how blessed we are to be healthy and fit.
    #writetribe #celebratewritetribe #writebravely

    1. Thanks Alpana. I started blogging to share my honest thoughts. For me it’s always easier and comes naturally to me. Before blogging I would write in my journal and now I share it on my blog. After these 3 years I have come to realise that I find lot of support when I share it with others. I like when everyone appreciates my honest voice. It just helps me more to share my personal experiences.

  10. That’s a very unique letter, Aesha and one that all of us must write or at least pen in our mind. True, like you, I have cursed my body a million times for various reasons, foremostly for not losing weight, however, I forget to thank it when I am not touched by a viral epidemic that has taken its grip on almost everyone I know. I forget that it’s me who makes my body stronger and weaker and its I who is responsible.

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