5 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Yoga Inspiration

If you are a beginner practicing Yoga, you could easily be intimidated while searching the Instagram for tips on Yoga or yoga influencers. You will find practitioners performing extremely difficult poses or poses which requires immense skills and it becomes really difficult to choose a person whom you can follow for beginners tips. Also, if you do a google search on top yoga accounts to follow, most influencers are foreigners.

Thus I decided to write this post wherein I wanted to feature 5 Instagram accounts of yoga practitioners whom I follow and whose posts have been inspiring me to practice Yoga. 

I am biased towards my friends so will start with Prerna, who is popularly known as the Maa of all blogs. She is one of the most popular parenting and lifestyle bloggers of our country. 

She is also a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and very consistently posts on her Instagram about her daily yoga practice whilst sharing information about various Asanas and tips for beginners as well. She also has a dedicated Instagram handle for Yoga by the name Yoga By Prerna. 




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Next up is my dear friend and workout partner whose interview I featured yesterday for the series. She is Neha Goel and her instagram handle is Quest For Yoga. You can read more about her in the post here: One On One With Yoga Practitioner- My Quest For Yoga



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Recently, I attended a face yoga workshop conducted by Sarva Yoga Studios. Again, Prerna had suggested to attend this workshop and I take her recommendations quite seriously so joined the program.

This workshop was conducted by Mansi Gulati. Those 5 days of face yoga practice has now become a daily night care routine for me. Check out Mansi’s Instagram handle to learn Face yoga exercises which will help you look radiant without using any expensive creams or getting any expensive skin treatments done. 



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I am always looking for some inspiration to practice Yoga at least twice a week because I like cardio and strength training more, so recently I asked Neha to suggest some Instagram handles to follow and she recommended Sakshi Gupta. 

Sakshi Gupta is a yoga and mobility teacher, Pregnancy yoga specialist. Her Instagram handle has many useful tips for yoga beginners and pregnant women. 



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Coming to the most popular Ashtanga yoga practitioner Ms Deepika Mehta. I got to know about Deepika Mehta, when my then Yoga trainer, attended one of her workshops. That’s when I started following her on Instagram. Her personal story about how an accident made her choose Yoga for healing is extremely inspiring. After a near death experience, she sought strength from Yoga Practice. She is trained under some of the most renowned Yoga masters of the world. You should check out her website and Instagram for motivation. 



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I hope these Instagram profiles have inspired you to try Yoga if you haven’t been attracted to it yet and if you are a regular yoga practitioner, do share some information about inspiring yogis whom you follow as well. 

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