Top 10 Quick Exercises You Can Do At Home

Top 10 Quick Exercises For Abdomen and Hips

We all know that the most frequently used excuse for avoiding exercise is lack of time. So I decided to compile two videos of exercises which can be done at home anytime during the day. These are two videos with exercises which can be done for 1 minute each if you are pressed for time and if required you can increase the counts as per your convenience.

5 Exercises For the Abdomen

After I touched 40, I started experiencing the deposition of visceral fat. Even after following a regular exercise routine, I realised that I need to now focus more on building my core strength to avoid putting on fat on the abdomen. So I tried to include exercises for the abdomen in my workout routine apart from other exercises. Here I have shared a few of those in the video.


Half Curl Back

Focus Area – Lower Abs

  • Begin seated, knees bent, feet flat, arms reaching forward
  • Roll Back curling spine
  • Return to starting position using abs.


C-Sit Rotation

Focus Area – Obliques, Lower Abs

  • Begin seated, knees bent, leaning back, arms clasping one another
  • Twist to one side, rotating spine
  • Pass through the centre, twisting to another side


In-Out Teaser

Focus Area – Abs

  • Begin balancing on the sit bones, knees bent, feet up, hands-on outside of knees
  • Lean back halfway, straightening legs
  • Maintain balance and return to starting position


Heel Taps

Focus Area- Obliques, Upper Abs

  • Begin in flexion, arms reaching along sides, knees bent, feet flat
  • Reach right hand towards right heel
  • Reach left hand towards the left heel


Straight Leg Reach

Focus Area – Abs

  • Begin in flexion, arms supporting the head, legs together and reaching straight up.
  • Keeping abs tight, lower legs halfway to the floor
  • Use Abs to pull legs back to starting position



5 Exercises for the Butt and Hips

I tend to put on inches on the hips, butt and thigh area whenever I have stopped exercising at the gym in all these years of being a regular gym-goer. So I always try to include exercises for the butt and legs in my daily workout whenever I have had to take a break from the gym. Here are a few of my favourite quick exercises that have always helped to keep me in shape.

Plie Squat

Focus Area – Butt and Legs

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulders, turned out
  • Bend both knees and lower butt towards the floor
  • Maintain a straight back and squeeze glutes to return to the starting position


Front Lunges

Focus Area – Butt and Legs

  • Stand with feet hip-distance apart and parallel
  • Take a step forward with right leg, bending at the knee
  • Push back up through the heel of the forward foot
  • Alternate and repeat


Plank With Heel Lifts

Focus Area – Butt, Abs, Lower Back

  • Begin in high plank position, hands under shoulders
  • Engage your glutes and lift one foot up reaching through the heel
  • Slowly lower it keeping abs tight and alternate


Fire Hydrant Kicks

Focus Area – Butt, Hips

  • Begin with hands under shoulders, knees under hips
  • Keeping right knee bent, reach right leg out to the side, engaging your glutes
  • Slower lower and repeat
  • Alternate with the other leg


Donkey Kicks

Focus Area – Butt, Back of Thighs

  • Lay on hands and knees with abs pulled in tight
  • Reach right leg up behind you with a bent knee, pushing through heel and engaging the glute
  • Keep back straight and return to starting position
  • Repeat with the left leg



Disclaimer: These exercises have been compiled after watching various home workout videos. I am not a certified fitness trainer but a daily workout regime has been an essential part of my life since the past 20 years now. So I have shared my personal learning in this post.

Here is one another resource that I found useful for home training currently during times of lockdown.

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Take Care. Stay at home, Stay Safe.

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