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How To Prevent Hair Damage Caused By Hard Water

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Most problems related to your hair is caused by the quality of water you use to wash it. If you live in a region where the water is laced with chemicals and has, therefore, become hard, you will be facing hair loss, wispy and lifeless hair with a straw-like texture. In this case, the hair also becomes more prone to breakage because of the brittleness caused by a large quantity of calcium, magnesium, iron and copper. In this situation, no amount of conditioners or styling sprays can help. And this can lead to premature greying, hair loss, hair thinning and many more problems.

There are some things you can do to prevent extensive damage. Some of these are:

1. Water-softening

A water-softening device is a good investment. It removes calcium and magnesium (limescale) and certain other metallic minerals from the hard water – making the water soft. It may be expensive but is extremely useful for people experiencing hair problems, eczema and other issues due to the usage of hard water.

2. Filter that shower

A shower filter is a cheaper alternative to a water softener. It can considerably reduce limescale, chlorine and many other chemicals from hard water. You simply need to attach this gadget to the head of your shower. It needs to be cleaned though since the deposits may clog the shower over a week or two.

3. Wash hair with filtered water

As a last rinse, you could use filtered water from your RO device or filter. Since a happy
environment is also crucial, using bottled water may not be a good long-term idea.

4. Choose hair care products carefully

Look for a shampoo as well as a conditioner that is specially formulated to fight with hard water effects – especially the coarseness. Use a natural, herbal, pH balanced shampoo. Boil a couple of hibiscus flower with raw amla fruit and use this to wash your hair. Or if you really want the feel of a shampoo, choose one without parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. A natural leave-in conditioner post hair wash – such as 2-3 drops of almond oil or coconut oil- applied to the lower ends of your hair will also add to hair health and appearance. To add to the benefits of the shampoo, add a teaspoon of Epsom salts to your shampoo and wash your hair with this to actually clear away the build-up of residue left behind by hard water.

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5. Take a professional hair expert’s help

A dermatologist or a trichologist, a physician trained in the care of skin, hair and nails,
who can diagnose and, in many cases, successfully treat hair loss permanently and
professionally. It is important to seek a qualified dermatologist’s opinion if you have severely damaged hair. Depending on the severity of your condition, a dermatologist can prescribe not just medication, but also medical intervention such as PRP, hair transplant and many others.

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