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12 Interesting Kids related Work From Home Options For Women.

Are you looking to be an entrepreneur and running your own successful creative children related business? Are you looking out for work from home options?

It’s pretty daunting to look for a career that brings in extra money and makes a difference to others too. Also as women, we always look for flexibility between work and family life. At the same time, we want a rewarding career too which provides us with financial independence.

If you are looking for such options, then you’ll want to find out more now. So here is a list of some creative work from home options which will help to achieve your dreams of being a successful woman entrepreneur.

1. Art Teacher: 

Do you love to draw and paint? Parents are nowadays looking out for various creative activities for kids. You could use your creative talent to make money and gradually could move forward by incorporating other creative activities based on craft too in your classes.

2. Birthday Party Supplier:

Celebrating birthdays in style is such a fad nowadays. There are so many ideas that can be exploited to celebrate birthdays. Theme parties are the “in-thing”. If you are creative and resourceful, it is a very lucrative business opportunity.

3. Birthday Party Planner:

Every parent wants to plan a special party for their child. Also if its hassle-free, they can enjoy the day with their child at ease. So if you are up to date with the latest in the party organising space and have a resourceful birthday party supplier then can plan and execute a birthday party and establish a business by being at home.

4. Conducting workshops:

The kids nowadays are smarter and eager to learn. There can be various workshops that can be conducted for children like craft and drawing workshops, technology workshops, science workshops, Reading workshops, Lego workshops, Rubik cubes workshops, cooking workshops etc.  You can rent out your building hall to start with and as you gain experience, you could organise such workshops by renting out halls in recreational clubs and hotels.

5. Kids dress designer:

Do your friends and family always compliment you on how your kids are always well dressed? Are they always well groomed? Seems you have a flair for designing. Why not make it your business. If you don’t have enough funds to start a boutique, just start at home.  Start spreading the word through social media. That’s enough for a start. Build your business slowly through word of mouth. I have observed anything that is children specific garners interest from the parents.

6.Handmade invitation creator:

Create beautiful and unique handmade cards, birthday cards if you are artistic and creative. The selling avenues are ample. Either you could have an exhibition at your home or sell online or sell through retailers.

7. Interior designer:

Even if you do not have a degree in interior design but have a flair in designing then you can start an interior design business dealing in kids requirements. Kids have their own specific requirements while doing up their rooms. You can become a specialised interior designer who only deals in designing for kids. Also, you can approach playgroups and activity classes along-with schools to design the classrooms.

8.Music Instructor:

If you have learnt music, go for it. Start your music classes at home. Start by training the kids in your neighbourhood.

9. Musical bonding classes:

You can start musical bonding classes where kids as young as 6 months years join in with their parents. Through specially created music they are introduced to various musical instruments, beats, rhythm, pitches and body movements. Kids up to 5 years of age can enrol for musical bonding classes.

10. Phonics teacher:

Start a phonics class at your home. Every school promotes reading through phonics, so parents are keen to enrol kids in phonics classes.  You might think that if you are not a teacher how can you teach phonics? But it’s not difficult. If you know how to read, write and speak in English, all that you need is a desire to teach, love to spend time with children, patience and a well-designed phonics program.

11. Yoga teacher:

Now being a yoga teacher needs specialised skills but if you have learnt yoga through a trained coach or instructor, you can surely start a class for children. As we can see nowadays children face a lot of competition and schooling also comes with its own challenges.  A specialised yoga program is thus a very appealing idea to parents to help kids deal with the stress. A yoga program can be designed to provide them with a holistic upbringing. Also, you can keep on learning through practising and improve your skill too.

12. Wrappings:

If you have a creative bend and are articulate with packing, you could start a business in packing gifts for birthdays. Nowadays birthday parties are a huge and growing business and parents are looking for a hassle-free birthday celebration.

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So get your creative juices flowing, pick up one from the list which excites you and build your entrepreneurial skills. Working with children at classes, workshops, parties, events, schools gives you a very enriching and fulfilling experience. So follow the passion that you have buried somewhere whilst still being able to take your children to school and pick them up every day.

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  1. That’s really interesting and yes, creativity can open new doors anytime. If someone is passionate about any of these things, they can actually make money out of it. Loved reading it, very helpful.

  2. That’s an amazing list! Surely, if one is looking for options, this is a great resource. Handmade invitation creator and party supplier had never entered my mind before!

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