H Is For Hormones #DecodingMidlife

The term Hormones is derived from a Greek word, Hormo, which means to set in motion. Hormones stimulate, regulate and control the functions of various tissues and organs.

With approaching midlife hormones will alter. There have been various research studies which show an association between decreased levels of Estrogen (female hormone) and panic attacks. Many women develop symptoms of depression, anxiety and mood swings as estrogen levels start fluctuating during perimenopausal years and further decline during menopause.

Symptoms of Low Estrogen

  1. Foggy Mind
  2. Hot Flushes
  3. Depression
  4. Memory Lapses
  5. Headaches
  6. Vaginal Dryness
  7. Urine leakage
  8. Sleep problems
  9. Bone loss
  10. Irregular periods

Source : ( Integrative Psychiatry)

Midlife is a transition phase and changes will impact my daily life. Hormones will have a distinctive role to play in the same. So much so, that there will be days where I am at the peak of my excitement while at the very next moment it could also make feel unimportant & low. And I better be prepared for it.  So, my first step in being prepared for this is being aware of it. Sounds pretty much like an emotional roller coaster ride.

I am a lot like my mother physically as well as in a manner I express my emotions. So, I think heredity factors will have a huge role to play when I hit my 40’s too.

She had a terrible perimenopausal and menopause experience. She was always irritable. I couldn’t comprehend the change in her behaviour and it affected our relationship. Now I do understand her situation which has brought me much closer to her than ever, but I do regret the fact that during the difficult transitional period she didn’t get support from me. Maybe it was my immaturity. Also, partly because I was myself going through many bodily changes during my teens.

The upheavals that were created in our life is the very reason I want to be better prepared for the hormonal changes that I will face in my midlife.

These changes are inevitable as nature will take its own course but I also truly believe that ‘The Mind Controls the Body’. And the body needs to be taken care of and nurtured.

For more tips read  Discover 3 Essential Perimenopause Tips

Regular exercise, Yoga and Dance have helped me a lot to maintain my fitness levels. However, since past few months, I haven’t been regular with my Yoga practice. I aim to get back to it soon so as to equip my body before I reach menopause.

Below are few  Yoga asanas performed by my Yoga Guru Ms Reema Vengurlekar which are beneficial during Menopause in various ways.

Ms Reema has 7 years of experience of being a yoga trainer and also an Ashtanga Practitioner. Her passion for healthy living has had a great impact on me too. The past two years of my association with her as her student has taught me a lot about the benefits of Yoga. It has tremendously helped me to be a more positive person and also built flexibility as well as core strength.



Padmasana activates the spine, the pelvis, the abdomen and the bladder. Menstrual issues can be addressed if this asana is practised regularly. Padmasana helps to relieve stress and anxiety. However, beginners need to be cautious while practising this asana. Avoid this asana if you have a knee or ankle injury.


IMG_6414 (1)

Menopause and menstrual discomfort can be combatted with this asana. The kidneys, liver, uterus and ovaries are activated by practising this asana. However, beginners must remember never to push themselves if not comfortable in a forward bend position.



Bhadrasana is an excellent posture for meditation. It helps calm the mind and reduce mental anxiety. Thus its beneficial to deal with menopausal issues.

These are few easy asanas but there are many more which can be beneficial to help regulate hormones. However, I would suggest taking the assistance of a certified yoga practitioner if you are a beginner before practising yoga.

Dealing with midlife is a process that needs to be enjoyed. It can be a source of happiness during midlife as well as after midlife. And Yoga can be a useful medium in the same. I hope the above-mentioned poses could help you and guide you.

For more tips on yoga, you can also visit Ms Reema’s Instagram page: ReemaVengurlekarYoga

Barry Sears says, “To control your hormones is to control your life.”

This is so true. I plan to take control on my life effectively to keep pace with the hormonal changes and maintain true balance in my life.



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  3. I see only women readers leaving comments here. I think this is relevant to males as well…this post for instance, made me understand the behaviourial patterns of the women in my house. Thanks for sharing this.

    Do drop by mine.


    1. Thanks a ton. It’s important men of the family understand the emotions of women during this transition

  4. Novemberschild

    Perimenopause refers to the years of hormonal upheaval that precede a woman’s final menstrual period. It isn’t a very well-understood stage; most assume that with the awkwardness of puberty behind us and menopause still far in the future, the in-between years should just be smooth sailing. However, the real truth is that the body’s hormone production begins to change somewhere between age 35 and 50, and you feel the effects. Hormones also start to fade or deregulate – your ovaries, thyroid and adrenals start to work against you, not for you. And, to confuse matters even further, the brain becomes less responsive to the hormones that your body does still produce. Put it all together and you are likely on a roller-coaster ride of surprising, erratic and downright confusing emotional and physical symptoms!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Yoga poses which are specifically beneficial for perimenopause should be tried .

  5. Thanks for writing on hormones, a big factor in 40s. I am scared of this decade that i feel will take more from me than it will give. I am equipping my mind and body for it by exercising, and eating well.

  6. Oh yes! Going through it all at 45 and learning to deal with it, as calmly and bravely as I can. I do falter sometimes, but I don’t have any choice but to pick myself back up and shower myself with immense love!
    A very informative post for women over 40! I am sure many will find it helpful!

  7. Wow I was most inntrigued by the yogasanas you mentioned here for the hormonal issues; I had no idea this could help! I shall try to incorporate this in my daily routine.

    H is for Heidi #atozchallenge

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