My Greatest Influence In My Fitness Journey.

For the prompt Influence I could not think of anybody else but my fitness mentors and buddies. If you would have read my posts for the Write Tribe Festival Of Words 2019, my posts are about my fitness journey.

So, this is a gratitude post for all my fitness mentors and buddies as they have greatly influenced me.

My Fitness Mentors

My first Yoga teacher Ms Hemangi Marathe is one who redefines the meaning of age. For her age is just a number. And she is the first one who imparted me this one important lesson through her immense dedication, passion and love for practising Yoga.

Yoga training

She influenced me in a great way because she wasn’t shy to learn from others even after years of being a Yoga teacher. She also has experience of mentoring many Yoga students yet she practised along with us and there were many Asanas that we learnt together.

My second Yoga teacher Reema is a young girl. She gave up her corporate job because she found herself in a place she didn’t belong to. She was clueless and she started learning Yoga. I met Reema at Hemangi madam’s Yoga classes where she assisted her. Reema’s Yoga journey as a student of Yoga to being a Yoga practitioner to being a qualified and very popular Ashtanga Yoga trainer has influenced me greatly. When I started practising yoga, I had a very stiff body. She has been the one to guided me to push my limits. Today I can perform Sirsana with ease and Reema has been the source of influence and motivation for that.

She also helped me write one of the chapters of my first e-book ‘Decoding Midlife’. Do read the post H Is For Hormones #DecodingMidlife

Strength Training

Now coming to my current trainers Brian D’Souza- Coach Brian and Gurvinder  Valia (fondly called as Sonu) These guys are just amazing. Coincidently I met Brian also at Hemangi madam’s class. While performing difficult asanas we felt that we lacked the strength to perform these asanas with ease. So Brian started training us. We had strength training classes for 3 days in a week. Though I was enjoying Yoga, I fell in love with strength training.

Brian had just started out his personal coaching and we joined him. Now it has been over 2 years I have known Brian and I would like to give him all credit for the transformation my body has gone through over these years.

He is now a certified CrossFit trainer and designs amazingly interesting workouts for us daily. Sonu and Brian have turned me into a fitness freak. When I joined his class, I wouldn’t be able to do basic exercises as well. From that to now lifting weights has been such confidence-boosting experience for me. I do not like to miss a single day of my workout.

6 Habits I Quit For A Healthy And Fit Body.– I could give up these habits due to the influence of my fitness mentors on me.

My Fitness Buddies

A huge reason for this transformation in me is my fitness buddies. My dearest friend, Neha with whom I began my fitness journey. You can check out my posts on Instagram to find out more about that. And all my current gym buddies – the young whose energy influences me, the middle-aged women like me whose determination and dedication to living a healthy and fit life influences me.

All of these wonderful people have given me the motivation to keep believing in myself. So a huge thank you and lots of hugs to all.

Do share in comments about your fitness buddies and trainers who influence you.

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