Creating Memories On the Staircase.

Initially, I planned to write fiction for the picture prompt today but changed my mind. The reason is I have some very beautiful childhood memories of the staircase which I would like to share today.

There was a spiral staircase in the living room of our penthouse flat in Ahmedabad. I was 9 years old when we moved into our new home. Now I had my own room and everything in my room was as per my choice. But I was so fascinated with the spiral staircase that I would eat, read, study, arrange my dolls on the stairs and keep playing all day long for few days initially.

I also have lovely memories of spending afternoons during my vacations in our building staircase with my friends. We would play monopoly and various other games on the stairs. Our afternoons filled with giggles and happy chatter. I remember we also played skipping games and challenged to beat each other at the number of times we skipped continuously on the staircase.

Oh, yes and I can’t forget mentioning the times we spent cheering for India during the cricket match. We would watch the India Pakistan cricket match at our own homes but would keep running up and down on the stairs at every four or six that was hit and at every wicket taken. Those were some fun-filled days.

After spending 33 years of my life in a city like Ahmedabad where I could just go into my neighbours home without bothering about the time of the day or giving a thought to whether I would be disturbing them or will they be busy, life in Mumbai is very different. Also, I can’t imagine my daughter playing on stairs all day long. Times have changed and we need to accept that change. I just hope she also makes beautiful childhood memories of her own to cherish throughout her life.

Do share some of your favourite childhood memories too. Childhood is such a carefree phase of one’s life. The memories of childhood stay forever and are the most precious.

Author’s Note: This post is my entry for the picture prompt for Day 5 of the Write Tribe Festival of Words. The featured image courtesy is the prompt for the day.

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27 thoughts on “Creating Memories On the Staircase.”

    1. Oh is it. I would just keep going up & down on the staircase all the time. Oh that could be used as a prompt as well, something about giddiness, would have been interesting.
      Thanks for visiting

  1. Those were wonderful days… I grew up in Mumbai and those days were very different. We ran to our neighbors homes played and were a close knit community . You used the prompt very well

  2. Loved to peak into your childhood memories Aesha. Things as benign, nondescript as a staircase can hold a special place in our hearts!

  3. Times have indeed changed. From walking unannounced into our neighbours house to not knowing who your neighbour is today. I too think of those days when everyone knew everyone with nostalgia

    1. Yes Sunita . I stayed in a Bldg for 2 years and I didn’t know my next door neighbour . Thankfully after I moved homes 3 years back I made beautiful friendships

  4. I am glad that you wrote a memoir..It was lovely. I also have fond memories of a spiralling staircase in my school. We used to secretly read Mills and Boons sitting on it. Very nice post Aesha, one of your best.

    1. Thanks Balaka.. means a lot. I love sharing incidents from my life, maybe that is why it is loved by readers.

  5. Recalling childhood memories is an evergreen topic, specially of 70’s & 80’s born. I mean for every situation is a different memory. Loved reading your account!

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