complete nutrition

Complete nutrition and exercise to build your immune response

Complete nutrition and exercise are the two most essential factors of your lifestyle which help in improving your body’s immune response. My exercise regimen includes practicing Yoga once a week after a 5 day heavy workout routine to strengthen my muscles, improve flexibility and also as a recovery measure after intense workouts. And, I am …

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skincare routine

5 Tips for Maintaining Proper Skin Care Routine

Do you take care of your skin? If you do that’s wonderful but how do you know that you are giving the proper care to your skin that is required to maintain a healthy glow and skin elasticity in check. Don’t worry you will get to know if there is something missing in your skincare …

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yogic practices

Y Is For Yogic Practices

Y Is For Yogic Practices My grandfather was a regular practitioner of yogic practices such as Pranayama and Asanas. Since childhood I have watched him follow a routine of spending 15-20 minutes daily practicing asanas and 10 minutes of Pranayama.  Though I started practicing Yoga only before 6 years but I have watched him and …

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W Is For Watching The Sun Rise

W Is For Watching The Sun Rise I have this compulsiveness whenever I am travelling to the hills or the beaches, to watch the sunrise. That is one thing I always do on vacations. And so always look for a good view room. But it’s not always that I go on a very luxurious trip …

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V Is For Vulnerable

V Is for Vulnerable My childhood experiences taught me that I need to hide my weakness otherwise I will be bullied. You know when you are a group of friends with an odd number count and you are the one no-one wants to pair with. This happened a lot with me during my childhood. Also …

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U Is For Unplug

U Is For Unplug Being a blogger, it always has been difficult for me for being able to unplug from the social media. I have constantly faced this pressure of being relevant and consistent on social media. There have been times, wherein I haven’t been able to post content on social media because I felt …

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S Is For Solitude

S Is For Solitude Have you ever done nothing? Absolutely nothing. Think about it.  I always thought being in solitude is sitting alone and doing the things you love. So, while I was doing the Pursuit of balance course, during one of our Sunday live call, someone asked Shayamal, “ What do we do when …

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