How To Choose The Best Travel Handbag

The time to travel has arrived in India. Most of the schools will soon be closed for summer holidays and families are looking forward to trips. Some of us might be in the process of planning vacations or already done planning as well. I am sure you have been meticulous in planning your trip but have you chosen the handbag you will be carrying around all day?

So what makes a purse/handbag suitable for Travel?

In my opinion, primarily it’s safety. Besides that functionality, comfort depends on the nature of your travel and personal choices.

Before purchasing your new travel handbag consider how much you’re going to be carrying. Will, you be carrying multiple electronic items like phone, tablets, cameras or laptop? Are you heading somewhere known for pickpockets?

I have a few recommendations at the end of the blog post but first, let’s look at some of the

Features to look for in a travel handbag/purse


I always look for a handbag that will hold a wallet, camera, phone, tablets and travel documents. For me, good purses for travel should include zippered, mesh, credit card slots – that allows me to organize and actually find everything that fits.


A travel handbag should have a secured fastening to deter prying hands. Thus I always look for a purse with have zippers across all pockets. I generally do not like to carry open tote bags during travel. I particularly look for a travel bag that comes with a detachable shoulder strap. This can be used to secure it to something and you don’t have to worry about theft while enjoying your meals.


Since you’ll be carrying the handbag with you it for most of the day, a good purse for travelling needs to be comfortable. It should be such that the weight gets distributed evenly. A backpack or a sling bag is the best for comfort. A sling bag with a wide strap that doesn’t slip off would be the best if you don’t like backpacks. I favour a cross-body bag too as I like to be able to hold it in front of me.


While travelling, the durability of the handbag should be a key factor for choosing your bag. I prefer dark colours in travel bags as they won’t get dirty easily. I also chose a handbag made from water-resistant fabric rather than leather handbags. But make sure that it is made with strong material. It doesn’t matter if it is not leather. And it should look esthetically good too.


Choose a versatile design which you can also carry to evening dinners.

If you have a small kid, then diaper bags are the best ones to use for travel bag because these are generally made from durable fabric, has many pockets and is usually very spacious.

Next is,

How do you find the best travel handbag for yourself?

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You can choose any as per your choice and requirement. Whether you need something for a long trip or just a weekend trip to the resort, you shall find it here.

If I missed something do share the Amazon link in the comments and I shall be glad to add it on my list.

Have A Safe Journey. Happy Holidays!


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