A to Z April Challenge

Night Sky

G Is For Gazing At The Night Sky

G Is For Gazing At the Night Sky I love the night sky. So I waited for the night to write today’s post. I wanted to write sitting on the swing under the sky, gazing at the stars. I enjoy the time during summers gazing at the sky because I have such fond memories of …

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F Is For Female Friendships

F Is For Female Friendships I never had many friends. I was this shy girl in school and an introvert who would never approach someone to start a conversation. I have always had a close group of 2 or 3 friends at every stage of my life, from the time I started my schooling to …

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dark chocolates

D Is For Dark Chocolates

D Is For Dark Chocolates I love chocolates and I have an anecdote about my love for chocolates which I would like to share. It was when I was a teenage girl that my father had just started travelling abroad for work. So, both of us were pretty excited about this new phase in our …

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C Is For Create

C Is For Create Creating something gives unparalleled joy, a feeling you haven’t experienced before and if it’s something you haven’t tried before it is the best feeling ever. In the past one year, I have been trying to create a space for students with my career counselling venture EduCareer Guide wherein I encourage them …

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B Is For Breathing

B Is for Breathing I was very anxious the entire day yesterday. I am supposed to travel to Ahmedabad from Bengaluru tomorrow and needed to get RT-PCR test done. And since I travelled back from Coorg only yesterday, there was no way I could get the test done earlier. Entire afternoon was spent yesterday looking …

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A Game Of Badminton

A for A game of badminton. I was contemplating since so many days about what should my very first post be. I kept thinking but couldn’t find anything to write about that had given me so much joy worth mentioning. Then finally today, I had the perfect idea while on vacation playing a game of …

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Theme Reveal – Bundles Of Joy #BlogchatterA2Z

My theme for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge is pretty simple. In the past few weeks I have come to realise that life presents daily opportunities for us to be happy. Those simple things such as watching the sunrise, reading a short story, doing a happy dance , making a bit of a progress in practicing a yoga …

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