Night Sky

G Is For Gazing At The Night Sky

G Is For Gazing At the Night Sky

I love the night sky. So I waited for the night to write today’s post. I wanted to write sitting on the swing under the sky, gazing at the stars. I enjoy the time during summers gazing at the sky because I have such fond memories of my childhood laying down on the terrace, counting the stars in the sky. 

Air conditioning was a luxury at that time and we slept on the terrace during summers. Spending my summer holidays at my grandparents home has always been the most cherished time of my childhood. And the most memorable times have been about dreaming about my future gazing at the stars. There is something about watching the night sky that makes you hopeful and joyful. It’s also the stillness and the silence around that makes you dreamy. 

Right now while I am sitting here, I am feeling so happy and at peace. There is something about watching the stars that makes you feel optimistic even when the circumstances are grim. The twinkling of stars in the vastness of the dark are like a reminder that there is light in darkness too. 

Also, have you noticed if you keep gazing at the sky for a long time suddenly the stars keeping increasing and keep getting brighter. Recently during my vacation at Ranakpur, while we were in the midst of a forest, we experienced this while gazing at the night sky. It was so magnificent. 

So, I will now enjoy this moment and if you are reading this right now, go watch the night sky. Let’s dream together. Good Night, Peeps! 

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  5. Your post reminded me that it was years ago, 2003 to be precise, when i star gazed. I must do it again, soon. Thank you for the inspiration, Aesha.

  6. Its so rare to find a night with twinkling stars in city lights. Even my memories of lying and sleeping under the stary night was at my grandparents. It was so blissful

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