F Is For Female Friendships

F Is For Female Friendships

I never had many friends. I was this shy girl in school and an introvert who would never approach someone to start a conversation. I have always had a close group of 2 or 3 friends at every stage of my life, from the time I started my schooling to now. I value each of my friendships with my female friends because I have learnt something from each one of them.

There is a role of every friend of mine in my personal growth in some way or the other. There are few who are super successful and I have learnt to be hard working from them. There are few who have gone through tough times and I have learnt to be resilient from them. There are few whose life I think has been super smooth without any hardships but I have learnt that each one has their own battle to fight and so I know that everything is not what we see from the outside. I have learnt not to compare my life with theirs. And I know that I can talk to anyone of them about whatever I want to and they will not judge me but support me. 

There are some friends who were very close to me during my school, but I lost touch with them and we grew apart. But whenever I call them, even if it’s once in the entire year, it’s like we know about everything that is happening in each other’s life. We start from where we have left off. We are never annoyed with each other for not keeping in touch. We understand that life happens and we get busy with family and work responsibilities. The conversations are always filled with laughter and giggles. 

I am blessed that I have such beautiful relationships which fills up my life with joyful memories.

Talking about female friendships, I just finished watching a series ‘The Bold Type’. This story is about 3 female friends who are trying to make their mark in their respective careers at a media house. I recommend you to watch it. It’s streaming currently on Netflix. These are bold feminist women, fighting their own battles and supporting each other in their journey. It’s a fun watch which will make you laugh and cry. I wanted to go back to becoming 20 again after watching it. It did give me great joy. It’s also an inspiring story about these young women who are honest and not worried about saying the truth even when they know that it could hamper their relationships. I learnt to be zealous and always keep communication open and honest with my loved ones after watching this series.   

I would like to conclude this post by sharing about a newfound beautiful female friendship. You know how we always speak about being friends with our children. Now, I didn’t entirely believe in this and would keep telling my daughter that do not expect me to be your friend. I will be friendly with you but always remember I am your mother. But I think, I am going to become a bit liberal about my views  In the past couple of months, I am actually enjoying watching my girl growing up and becoming my new female friend. I enjoy her company a lot. That is something I have recently discovered about our relationship after the vacation we took. I spent so much more time with her without being distracted due to household chores and work. We now have almost the same clothes size and footwear size. We share our stuff. We have so much more to talk about now. I think I need her more as my friend than she wanting me as hers. 

Which are your most cherished female friendships which give you joy? Do share with me. I would love to know more about you. 

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  12. As my son is growing..I actually enjoy his company and we can talk almost everything under sun…and female friendships are so special always ?..I can’t do without a chit chat with them.

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  18. I feel the same way about my older daughter. I can’t believe how much fun I have discussing everything from chocolate to mathematics with her. And then she goes and blogs about it. I think this lockdown situation brought us really close together. We even watched West Wing together and discussed various political and social issues.

  19. You’ve described your beautifully growing relationship with your daughter so well. And how real is that- every friend has a role in our life.

  20. Ah, I had many friends in school and college but none now. It feels lonely especially when you watch a tv series like The Bold Type. I loved it though. Loved your honesty, Aesha.

  21. Such a heartwarming post, Aesha. Your honesty is sharing your thoughts without disguising them make us connect more to them. My Mother and my Sis were my best friends while i was growing up, and it is still the same.

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