K Is For Kinesthetic #DecodingMidlife

The definition of Kinesthetic relates to a person’s awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory organs.

I wasn’t a kinesthetic learner in childhood as I didn’t prefer to move around and explore. I was more of a visual learner. My hobbies were to read and listen to music but never did I want to learn a sport. I would read and learn and that’s how I am to date.

 I became a fitness freak in my late 20’s when I started putting on weight. I used to be a regular at the gym. I enjoyed my time sweating it out. But then marriage happened, motherhood happened, change of cities and various other factors led to a discontinuation of my exercise routine at the gym. I did restart it but haven’t been regular now.

Though I love watching sports I never learnt any in my younger days. Since the past couple of years, I get to witness many swimming competitions since my daughter also participates. Just recently over the weekend, I witnessed one of the best performance of young girls and boys of Mumbai city. The energy around was exhilarating. Everyone was full of energy and the atmosphere around was extremely thrilling.

Taking up a sport builds many skills in a child. When my daughter was a toddler, I observed she was a kinesthetic learner and so she started enjoying swimming at the age of three. After being into competitive swimming for the past 3 years and it has been a great learning experience for her.

You can read my post on  10 Skills That Competitive Sport Develops In A Child

Yes, so that is about how sports help build skills in children but there is never an age to learn. Is it?  Hence, before I approach midlife, I decided to train my body well.

I took up swimming on the insistence of my daughter. It helped me understand my body requirements. I also did high-intensity workout, cardio and weight training. I enjoyed it much as it filled me with a sense of accomplishment. Though a bit irregular this training has helped me understand my body requirements.

I plan to continue it in my 40’s too. Age affects the sense organs but if we have been regular with some kinesthetic activity, I am sure we can delay that as well.

I would want to be more kinesthetic in the years to come. There is a general assumption that we can’t take up high-intensity physical activity after a certain age. More so for women as low levels of Estrogen could lead to calcium deficiencies too. We believe that after a certain age we cannot be more kinesthetic. Or our body will respond adversely if we exert our physical capabilities. I am sure age does have a role to play. But there are a few inspiring marathon runners whose life experiences teach a lot about why age is just a number. And nothing is impossible.

I am sure many of you have read about Mr Fauja Singh. At the age of 100, Singh attempted and accomplished eight world age group records in one day, at the special Ontario Masters Association Fauja Singh Invitational Meet, held at Birchmount Stadium in Toronto, Ontario Canada. You can read here more about his accomplishments here: Wikipedia

Another exemplary woman Ms Barbara Hannah Grufferman took up marathon running at the age of 60 years. She took up training after menopause. After reading about her, it reaffirmed my faith that I can be a kinesthetic learner and use it to keep myself healthy and fit through midlife.

Read about Barbara’s journey of being a marathon runner. Huffington Post

I am sure inspirational people like Fauja Singh and Barbara will also provide you with the much-needed motivation like it did to me.

“The Body will offer up solutions that the mind alone cannot. “

– Dr Sue

21 thoughts on “K Is For Kinesthetic #DecodingMidlife”

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  2. Recollected an old saying…sound mind in the sound body! As the brainware goes gray, its our duty to keep the machine, our body well oiled and fully functional!
    “Aunty ji, aunty ji get and dnce”, should be the anthem for the midlife, what say Aesha?

  3. Would definitely want to be more kinesthetic. I can barely swim, but love working out regularly 🙂

  4. Kinesthetic. Learned a new term today. Physical activities are so much necessary. especially after 30s. I am a fitness freak but since last year its been irregular. Need to catch up soon.

    1. Yes rightly said. Thanks Cheryl for visiting my blog regularly and sharing your feedback. Means a lot.

  5. My father too took up running on his 50s and now at 60+ he runs 42k every year. Such people are true inspirations. And remember just a couple of months back you did a head stand and won a fitness contest #kickstartfitnesswithbandb ?? so it’s never too late for anything

    1. Yes!! Thanks Mahak. I remember you had told me about your father too. He is inspiring!! Running 42k at 60 is just amazing!!

  6. Oh I am so much like you Aesha, during my school days I was not too much of sports. Since the time got married my interest picked up, husband is a big time sports maniac and his enthusiasm is contagious.
    Lovely K post here.

  7. Loved to read about Kinesthetic. I was into sports in my school days, but somehow somewhere lost it post puberty. That’s the reason I am pushing my daughter to develop an interest in sports. I am so inspired by your taking up swimming, I want to learn it too. I will too very soon.

  8. I am also a visual learner and sucked at sports. I have just taken up swimming and though its just the initial days it leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. As we age, its important to be physically active.

  9. I was also a visual learner but my son is Kinesthetic and he also took up swimming when he was 4 years old. He just loves to swim. Great post Aesha.

  10. This perspective is very important – that age should not be an impediment in our physical fitness. I used to be an athlete and only recently got back to walking everyday. Regret the years of ignoring my fitness. Reading your post has just made me strengthen my resolve. Thanks!

  11. I was also not much kinesthetic in my school days. I was a district level basket ball player. But had to discontinue in higher secondary. Never had an opportunity to involve in sports thereafter. Late 30, the interest developed for exercising and squats. I learnt swimming too. By involving in a physical activity, the midlife crisis can be enjoyable. K is for kaleidoscopic life.

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