W Is For Willingness #Decoding Midlife

Willingness (noun) – The quality or state of being prepared to do something; readiness.

As a society, we have been conditioned into believing that midlife is a crisis situation. However, we are masters of our lives and we have the power within us to choose the direction in which we want our lives to move.

It all depends on our willingness. There is no denying the fact that midlife is a situation of transition. But why to cry over it. It’s just a change and not all changes are bad. Make the most out of it and be willing to accept that change.

We all want the best for ourselves from our life. No one wishes to live a life filled with sadness. Isn’t it?

To make life happier we need to be willing.

Willingness to accept change

I am repeating this daily in my posts but reading about midlife has changed so much within me. From being a person who would ever be confused, I have become one who has risen in confidence.

I have become eager to embrace the change. I am looking forward to the 40’s with willingness. There is so much you can do in your life and live every moment to the fullest if you just accept the change willingly.

There will be roadblocks in every phase of your life. So why bother about it so much during midlife.  I guess we all need to prepare ourselves for the challenges that each phase of life will pose.

 Willingness to learn

Life is a journey and every phase a learning opportunity. Always be willing to learn. I have recently started to learn Dance. I will also be appearing for a Dance examination this June. It was my willingness to forgo my apprehensions that made me take it up as a challenge. Now it gives me immense confidence that I can keep exploring various facets of myself.

I wish to learn music too. I wish to travel; explore and learn. Life gives you numerous opportunities we should be willing to grab them. I also feel blessed to have ample time and family support. I can now invest my time for self- improvement by enhancing my skills while my family has my back so that I can chase my dreams.

I believe that midlife years can be filled with hope, clarity and possibility if you are willing and ready to embrace it. So just go for it! Set high the willingness quotient to up your game!

“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.”

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

9 thoughts on “W Is For Willingness #Decoding Midlife”

  1. Willingness is something that keeps us going. Right from getting off the bed in the morning and throughout the day and life it is our will that drives us.

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  3. As we grow older I guess we tend to accept our and others shortcomings. We finally accept that we can’t change others. And only try to improve ourselves. 40s will hopefully be more carefree. We finally stop caring what others think abt us, and just enjoy the life.

  4. Thank God you wrote on this and mirrored my thoughts. I think about this I am sure daily. At one end I am a little scared, because midlife means loss of hormones and strength that we enjoyed in 20s and 30s, but it also means a certain freedom, freedom of action and thoughts. I believe I would be much more liberated in my midlife than I am right now. It would mean certain less responsibilities and certain more in other avenues of life. I am looking forward to it, let it happen!

  5. everything in life is willingness. by the time i finish this challenge, i will be more willing to accept the challenges in midlife. W is We shall Overcome. syncwithdeep.wordpress.com/2018/04/26/w-we-shall-overcome-blogchattera2z-atozchallenge-atoz/

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