I Is For Ideas That Bring Joy In Everyday Life

I Is For Ideas 

So while throughout the month of April, I am going to write about all those things that bring joy in my life ; I realised that I might miss sharing few or may not be able to write a detailed blog post on each one so thought about compiling a list of ideas that can bring joy in everyday life. 

  • Make a joy list – This had to be on top of the list because I am so happy that I chose this theme for the A To Z challenge. Everyday I am only attracting positive vibes and feeling grateful about the joyful life that I am blessed with.  
  • Declutter your home 
  • Paint a wall of your room or try doing anything creative
  • Redecorate your living space
  • Get few plants or plant a seed and nurture it
  • Spend early mornings outdoors
  • Say your daily affirmations
  • Be grateful
  • Donate anything – books, clothes, blood, money, your time.
  • Do one act of kindness
  • Skip reading anything negative first thing in the morning
  • Accept the things you cannot change
  • Say ‘yes’ only if you want to
  • Acknowledge your fears, do not avoid them
  • Be vulnerable
  • Prepare a vision board
  • Be happy in the current moment
  • Write a snail mail to your friend
  • Play a sport or join a team
  • Log off social media
  • Drink more water. Stay hydrated.
  • Savour good memories
  • Revisit your childhood games with your kids
  • Talk to elderly
  • Ask your parents to share your childhood stories
  •  Indulge in your favourite food ( but manage portion)
  •  Spend time with happy people
  • Give compliments
  • Write down about all your dissatisfactions and then tear or burn that paper.
  • Day dream

Hope you like these ideas, and do try it out. 

I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z . 

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11 thoughts on “I Is For Ideas That Bring Joy In Everyday Life”

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  2. Can’t help but observe that none of these things cost anything. It is the simplest things we do for us and others in life that give true joy!

    1. Yes, that is so true. Sharing things that bring me joy each day has brought even more joy in my life. I end my day on a beautiful note looking forward to the next day with much more enthusiasm.

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