Every drop counts!

Imagine a world without water. Without clean water how would human beings, animals, plants survive? Indeed every drop counts! Nowadays all the newspapers mostly feature at least one news item on the situation of water shortage in Maharashtra and other parts of the country too. Until we don’t get a proper monsoon, this situation would …

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Tips while travelling with kids

I wanted to share my experience of travelling with kids and wanted to write about what parents should be careful about when travelling. Points that first came to my mind were Put all relevant documents Put all medicines Take travel insurance as it covers baggage loss and medical insurance too. Pack some snacks Plan activities …

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10 Tips to have a enjoyable vacation with kids.

Summer vacations are here. My daughter is very excited. I would want her to spend time productively. Sure this is a much needed a break, as they almost spend half of the day at school and have after school activities so they are really exhausted at the end of the day. However, it is important …

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