Month: April 2018


P Is For Parenting #DecodingMidlife

According to the dictionary, Parenting is the activity of bringing up and looking after your child. The dictionary meaning makes Parenting so simple. But we all know Parenting is hard. There are no rules or set theories which one can follow while parenting a child. There are multiple resources and research on parenting methods to …

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O Is For Optimism #DecodingMidlife

Optimism is hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something. Optimism will seem to elude you in midlife. There will come a time wherein you might feel lost, get mood swings and not feel happy about the body. With multiple challenges like this, feeling optimistic about life will seem like a herculean …

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N Is For Nutrition #DecodingMidlife

The definition of Nutrition – The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Nutrition is important for everyone but this post of mine is specifically addressed to women. We know the significance of nutrition for women yet we tend to ignore our personal needs. How many times have you skipped …

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M Is For Marriage #DecodingMidlife

The definition of marriage is legally or formally recognized union of two people as partners in a personal relationship. I had never thought that I will ever look up the meaning of Marriage in a dictionary. But yes, I have for the reason that, that is how I have opened every post of my series …

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L Is For Laughter #DecodingMidlife

Laughter– The action or sound of laughing. My friends used to tell me, I make funny head movements while I laugh and that makes them laugh even more. I would get conscious about that initially, but then would feel, ‘What the heck! I should just be my natural self and should be proud that I …

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K Is For Kinesthetic #DecodingMidlife

The definition of Kinesthetic relates to a person’s awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body by means of sensory organs. I wasn’t a kinesthetic learner in childhood as I didn’t prefer to move around and explore. I was more of a visual learner. My hobbies were to read and listen …

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J is For Joyful #DecodingMidlife

Joyful, an adjective means feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure or happiness. Life could be complicated and chaotic during the midlife. Hence, feeling joyful could be challenging during those years. When you are young you are full of vigour and optimism. You are determined and focused on life goals. However, during your midlife age, you …

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I Is For Imaginative #DecodingMidlife

Imaginative, an adjective which means having or showing creativity or inventiveness. I have read numerous articles on imagination being critical for child development. I guess many parents have read these articles as a resource while raising their children. But did a thought occur to you as an adult to groom yourself to be imaginative? I …

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H Is For Hormones #DecodingMidlife

The term Hormones is derived from a Greek word, Hormo, which means to set in motion. Hormones stimulate, regulate and control the functions of various tissues and organs. With approaching midlife hormones will alter. There have been various research studies which show an association between decreased levels of Estrogen (female hormone) and panic attacks. Many …

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G Is For Goals #DecodingMidlife

The definition of Goal is The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. Have you thought about your life goals?  I am a dreamer. I dream about my life goals. But I also analyze the practical aspects of these dreams & work towards execution. I am also a well- organized …

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