W Is For Watching The Sun Rise

W Is For Watching The Sun Rise

I have this compulsiveness whenever I am travelling to the hills or the beaches, to watch the sunrise. That is one thing I always do on vacations. And so always look for a good view room. But it’s not always that I go on a very luxurious trip so I have to get out of my room to find a good location to just sit in solitude to watch it and I most definitely do. 

On my first and only girls trip to Pondicherry, we were staying at this resort which was next to a fishermen’s beach. This was not a very famous touristy place and so I knew I would surely be the only one in the morning on the beach in darkness waiting for the sun to rise. I had asked my friends if they wish to join me but they had refused and I knew that I would be alone but I didn’t care. Because where would you get such an opportunity in the city. And it was mesmerising. Until now, I had only watched the sunset in the water, this was the first time ever I watched it rising. 

As the sun rose, I saw few fishermen in their boats so early at sea. While walking back to the resort, I stopped by the fishermen’s huts to watch the women were removing beautiful rangoli at their doorsteps. It was such a beautiful start to the day. 

I will leave you with few pictures of that sunrise which is the most special one for me amongst all these that I have witnessed during my trips.


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3 thoughts on “W Is For Watching The Sun Rise”

  1. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes agree watching sun rise is most beautiful thing. it give us a refreshing feeling in the morning and help in staying us positive through out the day.

  2. Watching sunrise is an absolute delight in itself and you experienced the next-level serenity, by watching it inside the water. How wonderfully you have captured the moment!! And that rangoli by the fisherwoman…loved it!!

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