L Is For Learn

L Is For Learn

I am a life long learner. I enjoy joining courses and learning something new. For example, the ‘Pursuit of balance’ course that I joined or the ‘Law of Attraction’ Workshop I attended last month. Though I don’t like cooking much, I tried to prepare a pizza from scratch and I made Cauliflower rice today. So, I try and learn something new. And though there have been times that I have failed in my attempts, trying to learn something new gives me joy. 

Talking about failed attempts, during the Law of Attraction workshop, we were asked to draw a vision board. Now my vision is to be a successful career counsellor and I can write about my vision but to draw it is like a humongous task for me. While in school, I used to ask my friends to finish my art assignments. But, for this workshop, I drew my vision. Thankfully, that is only for me to see and so I was happy with my performance. However, my daughter who is an aspiring artist, did laugh at my work but she was proud that I did something. And that gave me joy. 

Or that time couple of years back, when I overcame of my childhood fear of swimming and learnt to swim. It gave me so much joy. I actually had that, ‘Haar Ke Aage Jeet hai’  feeling. 

Today, I attended Mayuri’s Insta Live on ‘ ‘How to make your Emotions work for you ‘. And she picked a card for me with the message that I should learn something new, maybe join a course or focus more on self-care to defeat the self-doubt syndrome that I struggle with. 

And it felt like a message from the Universe because I was thinking about learning about gaming. Whenever I ask the students who approach me for career guidance, what do they like almost 60% say, gaming. Some are interested in game development while some are interested in making explanatory You-Tube videos about playing the game. And since I enjoy talking with my students, I thought I should know or learn something more about gaming to have a meaningful conversation.So, I am going to do that. I hope I find it interesting. Because the last game I played was Candy Crush and I got so obsessed that there was a time I had stopped reading. And I do not wish to go back to that stage again. So, I am going to approach this as a task to enrich my knowledge about a career option and learn something new.  

How do you find learning something new? Are you always excited about it or apprehensive? Share your thoughts. 

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8 thoughts on “L Is For Learn”

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  5. I consider myself a learner too. The world’s vast and there’s just too much knowledge out there to leave out. Most of the things I know are self-taught. About time I join a course and go by tested methods.

  6. Learning is an ongoing process irrespective of age. Even I’m a life long learner and my kids love this when I even take interest in their games, activities, and make them understand too. Last week I tried pizza baking from scratch. Happy learning dear and happy reading too.

  7. I love learning too. I m toying with the idea of learning intuitive painting…. unfortunately I love learning and am completely lost trying to decide what to learn and then finding the time to do it.

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