keep a diary

K Is For Keep A Diary

K Is For Keep A Diary

So, for this entire BlogchatterA2Z challenge, there were only few posts which I was sure I was going to write about and one of that was for today, K is for keep a journal. I didn’t want to write that for J because I was very excited to share about the course I joined, as that did give me lot of joy and I wished to share that too. 

So, now I read so many fantastic posts on journaling yesterday and was not sure what to do. I didn’t want to be repetitive. And I specifically wanted that while I am just sharing daily musings it has to be of some value to others. So, I decided to wait it out. An idea will strike eventually, I am a blogger. I am used to having a light bulb click in my mind in the middle of the night. So, I took a nap at noon. 

Now, I always keep my diary by my bedside. This is because there has been many instances in the past, wherein I have had fantastic blog posts ideas or titles of the blog posts have just come up in my mind in the middle of the night and the next morning, it’s like I do not remember anything and I am again clueless. So, I always keep my diary with me. Since I have started this practice, my husband has found me scribbling notes in my diary at jet speed in the middle of the night. And he would be like, can’t you wait till the morning. And I would be like, ‘No way!’ This doesn’t last the entire night, the thought vanishes. But the joy of getting my thoughts out on paper is just amazingly motivating. It’s exciting and makes me feel so productive. 

So, now I am having my nap and Voila! The idea strikes. K is going to be about keeping my diary handy by my bedside. I had to share about the joy I get when an idea for a blog post strikes and I am able to pen it down immediately with my blogger friends. I am sure they will relate with me. I am sure each one of the BlogchatterA2Z have gone through this. 

Do share if you experienced this and share the links to your posts too. 

I am participating in #BlogchatterA2Z . 

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18 thoughts on “K Is For Keep A Diary”

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  4. Hahah. My husband would react the same way. I dont put it beside bed. but whenever i have an idea, I rush to the room to note it down. I am still a pen/paper lover

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  13. I so whole heartedly agree with this. Yes I too keep a diary , but sometimes ( and usually at the most inopportune time) the diary vanishes filched by the kiddos.

  14. I so wish I jot down my thoughts as they happen because once gone, they’re lost forever. I often jot them down on my phone but writing them in a diary is a different charm!

  15. Anyone who is not a Writer cannot understand the urgency of writing down thoughts and brilliant ideas that are fleeting visitors who visit us. Glad you sleep with a diary by your bedside, Aesha. It’s a big help.

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