U Is For Unplug

U Is For Unplug Being a blogger, it always has been difficult for me for being able to unplug from the social media. I have constantly faced this pressure of being relevant and consistent on social media. There have been times, wherein I haven’t been able to post content on social media because I felt …

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S Is For Solitude

S Is For Solitude Have you ever done nothing? Absolutely nothing. Think about it.  I always thought being in solitude is sitting alone and doing the things you love. So, while I was doing the Pursuit of balance course, during one of our Sunday live call, someone asked Shayamal, “ What do we do when …

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R Is For Reading Daily

R Is For Reading Daily It is immensely difficult to write today’s post. But I gathered the courage because this writing challenge has kept me sane throughout this very tough month, April 2021. All through the past year I have avoided watching the news or read any what’s app messages or watched any videos that …

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Q Is For Quotes

Q Is For Quotes Powerful quotes by world leaders, successful entrepreneurs, authors, motivational speakers have always given me confidence whenever I felt scared about the future. While I have been blogging since over 6 years now and I did consider it my profession, I wasn’t doing it as a hobby, I always wanted to get …

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N Is For Netflix

N Is For Netflix It’s Friday evening, my weekend has officially started and I am going to chill now. And what better way but to watch a movie or couple of episodes of my favourite series on Netflix.  Out of all the OTT platforms, Netflix is my favourite. It has been my bae during this …

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L Is For Learn

L Is For Learn I am a life long learner. I enjoy joining courses and learning something new. For example, the ‘Pursuit of balance’ course that I joined or the ‘Law of Attraction’ Workshop I attended last month. Though I don’t like cooking much, I tried to prepare a pizza from scratch and I made …

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